Ergonomic Workplace Checklist

Here are some simple principles for setting up a safe and comfortable computer workstation. While there is no single “correct” posture or arrangement of components that will fit everyone, these basic design goals should help.

  • Chair:
    Hydraulically adjusts up and down
    Adjustable backrest and arms
    5-star base and enclosed casters
  • Work surface allows user to maintain 90º angle between forearm and upper arm
  • Keyboard surface adjustable
  • Mouse placed at same level as keyboard and 12 inches from user
  • Wrist rests within the workstation
  • Eye to screen distance, monitor positioned level with user’s eyes and should be at least 25 inches, preferably more or able to touch at an arm’s reach from keying position
  • Has glare screen, as needed
  • Adjustable document holder(s)
  • User’s legs space under desk allows for sufficient leg movement
  • 90º angle with floor and chair
  • Foot rest, as needed

Find more tips for optimizing your work space on the OSHA Computer Workstation web pages

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