New Hire Orientation Package

Welcome to the City of Springfield!

The City of Springfield is proud to offer to all of its employees a competitive benefits package that is an important part of your total compensation package.  Some of the benefits that are available to you are:

Group Health Insurance - The City offers twelve health plans for you to select from through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission. The City contributes 75% of the cost of the Health Plan for both individual and family coverage.  Your plan will go into effect on the first of the month following a 2-month waiting period.  Your insurance deductions will begin the month prior to your insurance effective date as we prepay one month in advance so that should you leave the City’s employ your insurance will terminate the last day of the month following your termination date.

Dental and Vision Insurance - The City of Springfield provides a basic dental and vision coverage through Cigna.  Enrollment into the dental and vision benefit is automatic with your enrollment into any of the health insurance plans.  You do not need to complete additional forms to be enrolled in this benefit.  There is information in this packed on these benefits.  You can also log into once you are enrolled as a member for additional details.

Life Insurance - A Basic Life Insurance benefit of $2,000 is available to all employees.  The City contributes 50% of the cost. Optional life insurance is also available to all employees on an employee pay all basis. There is also insurance available for your spouse as well as your dependent children. Optional life for employees terminates at age 75.  Optional life for your spouse will terminate at your spouse’s age 70. 

Flexible Spending Accounts - Concerned about Out Of Pocket Costs!  You may want to consider joining the Flexible Spending Program. The City of Springfield offers a Flexible Spending Account with a corresponding debit card.  You will be able to use this instead of cash at the pharmacy, doctor’s office, etc.

For Day Care Expenses, information is also included on a Dependent Care Account that will allow you to pay for day care expenses on a pretax basis.

Deferred Compensation Plans - An employee, if they choose, may also make tax-deferred contributions to a deferred compensation plan to provide themselves with additional monies at retirement.

Optional Life Insurance and Disability Plans - The City offers payroll deductions for additional individual life insurance and short term and long term disability programs through certain outside vendors.

For complete information and instructions on how to enroll for each plan see New Hire Orientation Package.

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