7/1/2018-6/30/2018 Paving List

StreetPaving Limit BeginsPaving Limits EndStreet Type
* Boston Rd.Methuen St. Merrill St.Arterial
Coleman St.Boston Rd.Embury St.Residential
Crane St.Franklin St.Halsey St.Residential
Dennis St.Plumtree Rd.Regal St.Residential
Denton St.Liberty St.Woodmont St.Residential
* Eastern Ave.State St.Hickory St.Arterial
Girard St.Bay St.McKnight St.Residential
Groton St.Parker St.Senator St.Residential
* King St.Eastern Ave.Walnut St.Arterial
Mayfair Ave.Chapin Terr.Carew St.Residential
Plumtree CirclePlumtree Rd.S'ly 600'Residential
Princeton St.Bay St.Cornell St.Residential
Quincy St.Oak St.Colton St.Residential
Redland St.Page Blvd.Lang St.Residential
Skyridge Dr.Parker St.N'ly and E'ly 1,220'Residential
Skyridge Ln.Skyridge Dr.E'ly 300'Residential
* South Branch Pkwy.Parker St.Woodcrest Rd.Arterial
* Talbot St.Plumtree Rd.North Rd.Arterial
Tracy St.Liberty St.Franklin St.Residential
Van Ness St.Milford St.Hamburg St.Residential
Vincent St.Parker St.Senator St.Residential
Wachusett St.Allen St.S'ly 1,988'Residential
* Indicates 5 year moratorium to cut in the newly paved road, exception is an emergency excavation.   
All others listed above have a 3 year moratorium on newly paved road, exceptions is an emergency excavations.   
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