Planning Department Permitting Guide


Office of Planning & Economic Development (OPED)


70 Tapley Street



Public Liaison:

Philip Dromey, Deputy Director of Planning


(413) 787-6020





Office Hours:

8:15 am - 4:30 pm, Monday -Friday




Planning Board



Meeting Schedule:

1st & 3rd Wednesday at 6:00 pm, 36 Court Street, City Hall, Room 220




Luca Mineo (Public Works Rep.)         

Chelsea Choi

Martin Cunningham

Rico Daniele

Gloria DeFillipo (Chair)

Leo Florian                                                          

Jennifer McQuade, (Parks Rep.)

Rosemary Morin (Board Clerk)



Description of Board:                                 

The Planning Board is responsible for ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the City of Springfield through the review of land use issues, development of plans forthe City, and administration of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.



Permits Issued:

Subdivision Approvals, Overlay District Special Permits    



Process for Obtaining Permit(s):

Obtain and submit applications to the OPED during regularbusiness hours. Applicants are urged to schedule a Pre-application Meeting prior to submittal of site plans. Applications online at:




Advertising Requirements:

The Applicant must pay for the legal advertisement costs and abutters notice costs.  Notice must be in the paper for 2 weeks prior to the scheduled public hearing.



Time Frame for Public Hearing:

Upon submission of complete application, the OPED will schedule a hearing as soon as possible, usually within one-month from date of submittal.



Time Frame for Decision:

Special Permit decisions must be made within 90 days of the close of the public hearing.       

Preliminary Subdivision Decisions must be made within 45 days after date of submission.

Definitive Subdivision Review Decisions must be made within   90 days if a Preliminary Subdivision has been submitted or 135 days without.



Appeal Process:

Within 20 days after decision is filed with City Clerk, file appeal in accordance with M.G.L. c. 40A s.17.



Fee Schedule:

See table below.



Applicable Local, State, Federal Statutes

M.G.L. Chapters 40A, 40R & 41

City of Springfield Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Rules & Regulations

Fee Schedule

(Check with department for recent fee amendments)



Subdivision Review

                  Approval Not Required Plans (ANR)

                  Preliminary Subdivision

                  Definitive Subdivision



$250.00 + $ 50.00 /per lot

Special Permits                 


Overlay District Special Permit                 

                   City Council

                   Planning Board


$  25.00

Zone change

$500.00 (2 / $250.00 checks)

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