Springfield Aquatics

The City of Springfield's Aquatics Department strives to provide safe, healthy, and fun facilities and programs for all people in the community. We offer an opportunity for all City residents in our community to participate in constructive activities which provide an outlet for excess energy, self-expression, and the means of acquiring skills needed later in life. The Aquatics Department implements a range of creative programming designed to stimulate residents of all ages in educational, recreational, and multi-dimensional activities. We are not just teaching people how to swim. We are teaching the necessary building blocks for a successful future. Through one program, you or your child will learn skills that you can apply to any situation outside of the pool. Respect for oneself, respect for others, working as a team, responsibility, awareness, and safety are just a few of the life lessons you will take with you. Why float through life when you can swim?

Aquatics Programs

  • Learn to Swim - The City of Springfield's Aquatics Department offers swimming lessons at a wide variety of levels. All Learn to Swim classes are available to participants ages three years and up. From getting your child comfortable in the water to perfecting your strokes, our program has everything needed to watch your child, or even yourself, grow into a strong and confident swimmer. Click on the link for more information!
  • 02H (Overweight to Healthy) - This aquatic fitness program is designed to meet the specific needs of those who are extremely overweight or obese. Exercising in the water allows for low-impact movements that increase range of motion and circulation. Whether you are simply walking or using our aquatic fitness equipment for extra resistance, we can offer a personalized workout for you at your own pace. No swim experience is needed! Click the link for more information!
  • Lifeguard Training Classes - If you are at least 15 years of age and want to become a lifeguard, call the Aquatics office to sign up at 413-787-6298. The lifeguard training is a great way to earn extra money after school or over the summer! It is also a step in the right direction for a job in the medical field. Many of our lifeguards go on to be EMT's, Paramedics, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and more! Special offers apply to Springfield Public School students!
  • WSI (Water Safety Instructor) - If you wish to be certified to teach swimming lessons, this is the program for you. Help children from the ages of three and up learn how to swim and feel more comfortable in the water. It is a great way to earn extra money whether you are a student or someone with another full time job. The City of Springfield offers this course at a very low rate compared to other organizations! Call the Aquatics office for more information!




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