Joint Meeting of City Council and Casino Site Committee March 12, 2013

Meeting called to order at 5:35 by Council Chairman James Ferrera

Present were Councilors Twiggs, Luna, Walsh, Allen, Edwards, Ashe, Rooke, Fenton and Ferrera and Site Committee Members Thomas, Pepin, Meara, Rennix, Markey, Wellington

Public Speak Out

Rev. Timothy Paul Bayman
Council of Churches on 3rd round recognizes it might be inevitable that casino come to Springfield. Mitigation of social ills is critical. It should not be the sole responsibility of the casino to mediate all the ills of Springfield, i.e., drugs; the Council is a voice that needs to be heard. They would like to be involved in mediation.

Ramon Ray: Some casinos don't last, if not, what is contingencies, how that will be monitored, if it doesn't make it, if they leave will they pay their fair share of the taxes.

Meara suggested Mr. Ray check the MGC and city websites which includes consultant reports, one showing an anticipated over $900. million annual gross revenue.

Ferrera said the council will take the suggestion under advisement.

Welcome by Chair Meara

Update from Atty. Froelich:
There has been communication with the MGC regarding the definition of surrounding communities. There is room for mischief in that definition. Regarding suitability analysis, the timeline on feedback is important. There is an agreement with the state there will be no referendum until suitability is finalized. Also, the City will determine where mitigation money is spent. Both developers agree with that.

Gaming act requires clear path to zoning and permitting. Update on where they stand on zoning discussions.

Tonight MGM will go first. Penn, second, then questions.

Atty. Pikula: Regarding zoning, both proposals came in with a list of necessary zoning issues, MGC desires zoning be accomplished before. The Council is proposing an overlay district. Phil Dromey is preparing a draft with all criteria to streamline the process and all land use, includes site plan review and all other criteria, taking into account this council's past practices. This is unique and will come to the council in the near future.

Councilor Williams states in speaking to Mr. Dromey, wanted it before the full council, wants to know the timetable for the HCA. Atty Froelich states he is still pushing for the April date; there is a 60-90 day window for the referendum. We will lose the 6/25 date if not accomplished soon. If MGC can provide a quick decision on suitability, he will push for 6/25.

Councilor Williams asks where is the pre-vetting system at and the consultant states it is a two-part answer. They have laid out existing licenses. Both developers filed required data. If they hit April, we'll get June, if they slow down, we will be later. Ours are the first two submitted, will be first considered, so far, all is fine. We're asking the MGC to announce which developer is suitable
as cleared. MGC seems to be leaning towards announcing all 11 together. (Taunton's got the track.) MGC is deciding whether each of 11 developers is qualified to hold a license.

MGM Bill Hornbuckle, President and Chief Marketing Officer of MGM, pleased to be here. He describes the Fortune 500 Company, 42,000 hotel rooms, says they have 60 million users in their database. They are in the entertainment business. Speaks of the Bellagio. MGM has an 800 million dollar facility in downtown Detroit; ours will be different. He describes the site boundaries.
Gaming is 38% of their revenues.
Here they have reached 300 constituent groups, including all but one of our community groups.
There will be access to funds such as their 5 million dollar development fund, for the area highlighted in blue on the maps, to feed area businesses.
Architectural heritage is important to preserve: 101 State, 73 State St. (redesigned to hotel entrance) & the Armory (will become an entertainment pub). There will be 12 high-end movie theaters, also bowling centers, with architecture designed to compliment what is here.
Included also will be 55 market rate apartments and a hotel tower.
There are 9 designated entrances & exits; the facility is extremely porous, 9 places to enter without hitting the casino, same with movie theater. Helps with open concept, not a big box where we keep you in.
Nowhere in the project is a ticketed venue. All entertainment is City Stage or MA Mutual, etc, no ticketed venue inside facility.
Reviewed traffic plan to the facility, estimated 8 million visitors, 3.5 million vehicular trips, autos key, yet on a peak Friday no entrance will see more than 250 vehicles.
87% is outside peak hours. Studies shows traffic peak is 7 pm Friday, also Saturday; visitor traffic works well with city flow. 88% of people travel on the interstate and suggests most of traffic will be people coming to work.
In regard to the competition, at the end of the day you need to win. Hard Rock has its legacy; Mohegan Sun, proposed is in Palmer. Beyonce, Sting, Beach Boys, Keith Urban, Eagles, etc, are among those who appeared in the last 3 yrs. 35% of revenue coming from the south, Every act has appeared in Las Vegas in the last 3 yrs except Frankie Valle. Last year 6 million tickets were sold with 625 million in ticket revenue. Want to put somebody forward who can put
names here. Due to our horsepower in Las Vegas, we can commit to that.
MGM commits to 12 shows annually, we will promote, that means we will pay for the shows. If we lose $, we lose $. Some, we will as concert seats at MA Mutual Center are about 2000 shy of what is needed to not lose $ on an act.
MGM has announced a lineup of Pit Bull, Boys to Men and Professional Bull Riders.
Leveraged across a database, MGM knows a lot about people in the area and will target them.
MGM has sent out 40,000 invites, advanced sales are at 600 tickets already. Springfield has a process, but the reality is once you say yes, you choose which horse to bring forward. MGC's checklist, driving tourism, support of existing meetings and conventions, broad marketing reach, leadership in driving international business, innovative design features. Las Vegas dominates.
NY & Chicago combined don't equal Las Vegas, even with conventions.
MGM is appealing to any and everybody. Ice skating in winter, movie-theater in summer.
Regarding international customers desired, MGM markets to Canada and China. Best thing you export is education. Customers come to New England and to Canada to visit their kids.
What we are proposing works for Springfield and ultimately for ourselves.
At some point this will shift from Springfield to the state. We have spent time in Boston. The Globe editorial speaks for itself. We have done a yoeman's job in social media. If we are fortunate enough to get that bid, one of ways we'll be found favorable the most is by the total vote. If MGM gets 74% of Springfield and Palmer gets a better #. How will that look?
Michael Mathis, VP of Global Teaming Development, MGM,
Regarding voting and zoning. Springfield's unique. We don't want Palmer or Hard Rock to get a high percentage as it will hurt Springfield.
On zoning this body knows more than the applicants. The city's got to authorize us to do that project. The same time as we're agreeing to build, you agree to zoning, complete package, construction schedule, with permitting at city and state level. Cannot say we are ready to go with this project if there are zoning issues. Should happen at the host community agreement stage.
Council President Ferrera then gave Penn National the floor.
Tim Wilmott, President & Chief Operating Officer made introductions to his team, including his partner Peter Picknelly, Jay Snowden, Sr. VP of Regional Operations, Jim Baum, Sr. VP Development. Eric Schippers, Sr VP Public Affairs; Corey, Ed Corbin, Chief Diversity Officer, Frank Donaghue, VP Regulatory Affairs/Chief Compliance Officer, Herbie Flores of New England Farmworkers Council.
The recent presentation made several notable improvements of their plan from several weeks ago including public safety, suitability and zoning.
Overview included they are largest publically traded and information on leveraging.
Penn is the only operator to open 3 casinos in the USA last year on time, on budget.
They have licenses in 19 states and no denials.
They have a Corporate Compliance Committee with outside consultants, former
regulators. Have a designated compliance officer on site.
Penn works with the local community in an open fashion. They serve as an economic engine. 807 million dollar proposal immediately sets that in motion with increased development.
Bus station will move to Union Station & 31 Elm.
Also expansion with Republican moving to 2 new locations, including a new production facility off the highway and a New England village square type office downtown.
Headline acts.
They will help with waterfront development.
Penn is a strong corporate citizen in each of the communities in which they operate.
Penn will have on site childcare.
Relationship established with the New North Community Council.
Pledged 90% local hires. Penn met or exceeded its diversity goals. Facts regarding Kansas City and Toledo Ohio.
Relationships with officials including the Department of Commerce, NAACP, etc.
Honored to play a part in this city's development.
Jay Snowden and Eric Schippers Regarding the comment Tim made, we are a regional gaming operation, we know how to run these casinos in these markets. This is what we do, across 19 jurisdictions. We have a small
presence in Las Vegas. Dining is one component; traffic, buses, rail, take advantage of our location, all are critical to success. We want to sit down and understand who's operating here now. We executed a MOU w/ Tina from City Stage. We'll get together twice a year and if there's crossover, we'll cross it off our list. We're going to do same thing with Mr. Rooney. We've announced the agreement with Herbie Flores at the Paramount. 2300 seats is great size for
Springfield. We can have weekly entertainment with crossover tourism. Penn can bring in other things like game shows. We'll be complimentary and be incremental for the City.
Dining, whatever we offer will have a strong regional name. Once here, we'll figure out how to get them out into the city. Steve DiFilipo wants to come home to Springfield. He has a great brand name on East Coast, in Commonwealth, etc. Also Doug Flutie is a strong name.
We’ve partnered with him and the public can come in to see his memorabilia including Heisman Trophy. Ole Mexican will have outdoor seating. It will be outward looking. People can access the bar. Student Prince will have a deli, also a growing burger company, Dunkin’ Donuts; pizza offering is First and Last Tavern, wins awards, out of CT.
Let's get people here and out of building. The relationship with Peter Picknelly brings tremendous strength, touches millions of people each year. Penn will use videos to show what Springfield offers including the BBHOF, museums, festivals, etc.
Agreement with stay-and-play packages, coupons, can fill our hotel mostly with our database and showcase other Springfield hotels. We can help them as well. We have strong relationships with the Chamber Of Commerce.
This is not just good for the casino, but great for the city. There are 80 million $ of projects outside of the casino because of relocations of Peter Pan & the Republican newspaper.
This is a real genuine ripple with incremental tax dollars and incremental employment. Herbie & Peter know Springfield. Our partners help us understand Springfield and we want to be part of it.
Jim Bartman, project development for Penn, built last 6 casinos, including 3 last year. He is addressing traffic and zoning. He worked with DPW since January and talked about best solutions and we now believe our site is the best site for Springfield. It allows us to interact but not cripple. We can take advantage of multi-modal transportation of US. 40% coming from south, 35% from north and MA pike exit, 15% from east, 90% traffic driven by 91 and 291 interstates. 2 primary methods developed, explained the traffic plan, the exits off the highways and the suggestion to rename that section of Liberty to Hollywood Blvd. to give the casino a Hollywood Blvd. address.
10% of the traffic will be from local streets in the Springfield metro area.
Estimate is about 4 million annual visits.
Zoning: he believes when the package goes to the MGC the necessary zoning and permitting needs to be approved. Also design. It takes a great deal of time. It is important this project can bank on the needed zoning approvals including vertical height, building area ratio to land area, setbacks, off street parking elements and a vast array of signage elements.
Eric Shippers, Sr. Vice President of Governmental Affairs Public Safety & Community Relations states there are traffic animations available on their
website. Look at 4 key intersections. They are grade of C and above to all those. This is the gold standard for economic development projects. There is not more than a 30 second wait to come into our facilities.
Public safety is important; key is lot of facts and figures on studies on crime, prostitution, bankruptcies, etc. Look at the 19 jurisdictions in which they operate. We have seen a revitalization of communities.
You will see Harrisburg Police Chief found crime went down, provided opportunity; jobs and well lit secure areas. Look at Orlando and others and crime rates are higher than Las Vegas, NV. Call their communities. Reach out to your brethren in those communities. It was built from a single racetrack to a large operator in the US.
There will be a robust security force, about 150 new hires. EMT’s & police want to come on as first responder veterans, 90% local hires. Will patrol in and outside our communities. If there is a need for a substation they will aid in construction in the North End.
Some companies’ community relations, not including MGM, write checks and then you never see them. Penn National looks at community relations as a partnership. We have spent time working with guys like Peter Picknelly and Herbie Flores to make a difference for the future.
It's incremental and we do it because we're doing the right thing.


Councilor Ferrera: Starting with Penn, some questions will be asked to both companies, thanks them for coming to Springfield and for bringing your presentation here.

Site Control: Penn stated they have option agreements signed with the Republican & Peter Pan.
All elements are in place for us to begin construction. They have total site control.

Q With regard to spending ratios, over 800 million $ in City of Springfield, if you go on and historically look at other casino companies out there, not yours, who agreed to build a particular number, are you comfortable you can reach that number.

A We have a balance sheet that casino companies envy. We are comfortable we have the capacity to fulfill this development.

Councilor Walsh: Would like to hear your opinion as MGM felt they didn't think having two companies on the ballot was favorable.

Penn: Also in favor of one proposal going forward, hope it ours.

Councilor Rooke: I heard an estimation of visitors being 8 million and 6 million.

Penn: Our estimates are 4 million, slightly over x # a day.
Is there a difference? We can only speak to our numbers, with great confidence we can speak to 4 million.

Hotel rooms: MGM is at 300 you're at 250, 258

Q Are there any plans to develop the other side of Main St.,

Penn: Our plan is to develop the Paramount and ripple effects, the Student Prince. Our focus is on Penn and Union Station. Herbie Flores here is a pioneer who really understands that economic development is not just bricks and mortar, but entertainment, food and drinks, etc.

Councilor Fenton: for Penn National relative to partnership with the Paramount, can you explain the extent of the relationship, who would the owner be?

A We would lease the building, with direct dollars or with financing. We plan to promote 2300 seats. This opens a gateway to the downtown corridor.

Q Would there be a lease for the remainder of that building or just the Paramount?

Q Who would be operating that building?

A NEFW, do not have plans to refurbish that hotel in the rear of the building; our plans are the Paramount and retail. We plan to play off the acts they are already bringing as well as bringing in more.

Herbie Flores: Herbie & Peter Picknelly plan to renovate the rest of that building. There are two properties, the Paramount & the Massasoit Hotel. We will spend millions of dollars there. We are sending a message from the Puerto Rican community.

Peter Picknelly: Are we just concentrating on the North End of Springfield or complete urban renewal including Union Station, the Paramount, Tower Square, 31 Elm St. (vacant about 30 years, etc. and a cleanup of the Riverfront? It proposes a cleanup of the entire downtown.
He’s been to casinos all over the country looking for the best partner. Casinos bring traffic. It’s important we choose a site that doesn't disrupt the normal flow of commerce in the city. Our site is superior for that reason. The casino to Union Station is the most unique connection. 90% of our employees can get to work on the bus. Our bus service will bring 500,000 people into Springfield directly into the door of the casino; Greyhound will have casino packages from every city they serve. Shuttle service, every 45 min free to all the highlights of
downtown Springfield. The package is unique. The site is great. Over 12% unemployment in city will be cut down to 6%. It will cut down crime. We will hire as many people that live in the city of Springfield that we can.

Councilor Allen: On your vision or your identity, you have consistently said you are a regional gaming vs. MGM is an entertainment company, what does that mean to your core strengths and core competencies vs. the competition?

A MGM has most of its operation centered in Las Vegas. Most customers come once or twice a year. Their profile is very much gaming vs. non-gaming. In these regional markets, customers generally come from within a 3-hour drive time. Some stay in hotels and enjoy a multiple day experience, enjoy the amenities of the region, then go back home.
Outside Las Vegas he gave the revenues on gaming vs. non-gaming (80% G vs. 20% NG) They focus on 4 different constituents, our customer base, make sure our employees are well trained, customers usually come multiple times a month and stay 3 to 4 hours. We want that to be a great experience. It is important to have a partnership with our local community Our shareholders. Continue to give assurance we'll make an investment. Between 80 and 85% of revenue comes from casino gaming.

Councilor Williams hasn't heard of many of the fine eating establishments. Impact fees are outlawed in MA since many years ago but this legislation allows that to be reinstated. The mitigation doesn't conflict with the impact fees for studies that the city's negotiating, property taxes, HCA, charitable dollars, all the things that go beyond that we're discussing with the city now?

Penn indicated they got negative feedback on sky bridges and built more of an exterior element into their plan that integrated better into the casino, putting that 8 million $ into streetscape. They're going to pay for what needs to get their customers into their facility safely.
In terms of 90% hiring local, agrees with that.

Q: What's your view of unions, MOU's?

Penn: Maryland opened up years ago, Kansas City, Toledo, etc, all 4 built with project labor agreements with local union involvement. We have a MOU with local trades here and are working with local unions to make sure they are part of our project.

Councilor Williams states a lot of folks will not be ready to come to work, need workforce development piece and a pre-employment piece to work people that reflect the cities. If you go strictly by unions, your workers will come from other states. We want the vast majority to be city and have to make sure our residents are ready to come to work.

Penn: Have had conversations to make sure we all sit down and talk about how to get a workforce that represents the city. We are proud to have earned awards in Toledo.

Councilor Williams is waiting for a response with Penn on CORI for public comment period before the MGC.

Penn: We want to be an advocate and maximize opportunity for all and we need to work with the gaming board to advocate towards giving people a second chance.

Mr. Thomas wants them to explain why they are criticized for the way they treat the horses Penn explains that tracks don't control the condition of the horses. This is done by the owners and jockeys. Penn is responsible for the condition of the track and insurance coverage.

Penn is the largest owner of para-mutual tracks in the country. When purchased, the average daily purse was 20 thousand $ a day; today it is 200,000 $ day. Look at the overall positive we've provided the industry in America.

Mr. Thomas asks if they could explain why they've sued their partner who is a nonprofit.

A The Sioux City, Iowa structure was different than any other in the USA. The casino license is held differently. We each have a different perspective.

Council Woman Luna: You’re planning to bring businesses here, what is the reason to do that when we have local businesses here struggling to survive?

A We wanted to strike a balance. We wanted a combination of the best of Springfield and also to bring in strong names that would drive new business into the city. Most cities found increased business as dining and casino businesses have seen other businesses prosper post casino. We need balance to drive new business. We will showcase those restaurants, i.e. Big Mamous.

Council Woman Luna: From I91 we can see the back of the casino. Will there be a light there or a ramp?

Penn: Referenced the bus drop off area. Using site plan, buses would come up East Columbus Avenue, drop off patrons, and then proceed into the building through a bus lounge. Departure route north is to proceed out to I91.

Councilor Edwards: We are told Peter Pan buses were an integral part of the redevelopment of the casino. Is there still a chance Peter Pan Bus Lines will move into Union Station to take part of that project?

Peter Picknelly: No. He wants Union Station to take place, however, the city cannot expect us to leave our property and go across the street and rent while leaving our property vacant. We’ve told the City we need reuse of our property. We can't move without a reuse of our property.

Councilor Edwards: approximately a year ago part of the presentation at Union Station, they had commitment from a child care center, an insurance company and Peter Pan to be part of the intermodal transportation center that was there. If you get your award, (casinos are not yet legal until Springfield unless voters vote it in), am I correct that unless you get your award you will not
be part of Union Station? Part of your presentation is the Springfield Republican will be relocated to another part of the city. Does that make economic sense in that I read print is on the decline. It doesn't make sense that they sell that building there. Why not let Turley in Palmer do printing rather than suggesting print media will continue to grow.

Penn: Traditional print is on the decline, you need to improvise, adapt or fall. The Republican recognizes the power of the Internet; MASS Live is skyrocketing through the roof. With relocation to Village Square, different people can come in and have Internet meetings. Everybody can find out how the next generation is occurring. Printing still occurs within Springfield; also they are printing papers for other publications there. It became a good way to evolve.

Councilor Edwards re: definition of 90% residents; if their income rises and we become the incubator for people to move to other communities, when you describe local are you describing Northampton, etc, those communities get the benefit of their tax dollars. Does 90% mean Springfield or Western MA?

Penn: Our definition is the City of Springfield. We have partnered with the Commonwealth College, partnered with Dunbar on early learning. We have to start at the ground level. We won't be on line until 2016. There is time to do workforce development. This is the time of maximizing opportunity and working with groups like the NAACP, etc. We work with Community Colleges where we work with core curriculum. We have to stay invested, stay involved so these jobs go to the city of Springfield.

Councilor: Are you willing to put up 5 million $ like the other company, or are you strictly Paramount Theater, as local businesses don't have seed money; local businesses don't have bond money and cannot compete?

Penn: This is an important distinction, we think 5 million dollars is laudable, but we think 85 million. We have other programs. For small businesses waiting 30 days to get paid is too long.
We do incubation programs for small businesses, i.e., a steel developer asked how can I get a job, where I can provide steel. We mentored them so they are providing steel to us and other casinos.

Regarding Dr. Markey's comment on social ills. In 2006 your company was soliciting problem gamblers and there was a fine of $200,000 and $800,000 2 yrs later (found on internet). What is your company creed with regard to handling some of the problems of social gambling?

A A third party vendor was supposed to have scrubbed the list of self-excluded gamblers list. The burden is on the casino to stop them from entering. We were fined after the vendor assured us he scrubbed the list. We have moved forward to ensure that nothing like that happens again.
Those were separate incidents involving different third party vendors.

Just to address the social ill aspects we are addressing our entire database so if someone in Mi puts themself on the self-exclusion list, it goes across the entire country.
Donohue, Chief Compliance Off PN, at top level we have senior level management meetings regularly, core training, the company takes it all seriously.

Bill and Mike replies on questions asked of Penn.
Councilor Rooke's question on differential between 4 and 8 million visitors, the difference goes to investment, one has 800 million and has half the visitors. There is confusion around gaming revenues and regional casinos. What we are suggesting is we want to and think we can bring more. Our Detroit project has 10 million visitors. We also think we can reach into NY and pull folks from there as well. Our projects are 30% higher in terms of gaming revenues. We are
pouring 800 million plus into the project at the location. When we start talking of moving the Republican and the buses, you already own those businesses. The real question is what's the other economic drivers that drives 4 million to 8 million?
We've submitted 3000 employees, they've submitted 2000, our model clearly speaks to that.
We’ve done a trade council agreement with labor and signed a neutrality agreement with a consortium of unions. I've heard that excludes Springfield. The HCA speaks to that. We're going to tell the unions we'll bring them in and you'll have an opportunity to sign them up.
With respect to employment issues, what the state puts out is pretty strict. Chairman Crosby has said they are recognized issues and considering them. We’ve asked for leniency with background checks and they're amenable to that.
Relative to training, in Las Vegas we opened a culinary training institute that trains thousands of people per year.
With regard to problem gaming, every company in the industry is focused on that. We do in house mailings but both companies have extensive training programs and have databases that track behavior and watch profiles and look at why and what may have happened and look at potentially those people.
Regarding Macau and NJ, in 2009 we willingly surrendered our license in NJ on the relationship with Pansy Ho's daughter. We have a sub-concession, we partnered with another company. NJ considered Pansy under the direct influence of her father. We had 5 years of operating history. They clearly recognized our behavior has nothing to do with Stanley Ho and his issues. Pansy now has 27% and partnered with a minority business and MGM has 50% of the company. MGM is licensed in 5 jurisdictions, 4 didn't see it the same as NJ. We have talked with the MGC and the comforting thing for Springfield is the ultimate vote will be made for you by the MGC.

Councilor Williams stated he is not worried about the service industries. He is talking about construction as regarding the MOU's and a local card carrying guy. There's another group of people out there you're leaving out that aren't part of the union. Give these people a part in the apprenticeship and training programs. He wants to protect the interests of the majority of people in this city.

A We’ve had a couple of sessions, have MOU, engaged fully support program.
Councilor Williams wants this in the host agreement. He doesn't want to speak for the consultant, they've asked for that.

MGM: You have construction and you have an ongoing work force. We will work for that, with construction, we are talking about skills, All you can do is get the best you can do for here.
There are a lot of numbers floating around. If Penn is at 90%, our commitment is 35%, we don't do it lightly, we think that is an ambitious goal. We don't do that lightly. We sent a letter long ago to MGC about CORI. We will not hit 90. We don't know of any other city other than Las Vegas. The only way to hit 35% is if we are active on the CORI issue.
This week is the first time I've heard the issue of Peter Pan not coming over to Union Station. MGM made phone calls to other bus companies. The companies felt locked out. We want to make it clear voting for MGM will not make you lose Union Station.

Councilor Fenton: one thing that distinguishes the difference between the proposals is the specificity of vendors, bars, restaurants and retail establishments.

MGM: Frigos, Red Rose Pizza, La Fiorentino, Lydia Shire from Boston Reg Mkt, regional draw, Wolfgang Puck, Brasserie Italian, listed in our RFP response.
Those are the list signed on as partners, wants to try a Latin (tapas) Mexican concept.

Councilor Fenton regarding a luxury movie theater and bowling alley, what makes these luxury outside of fancy sofas, why would someone come and visit that?

MGM: About entertainment opportunity, beverage service, movie projector, a party environment.
It’s about twice as much as for a movie theater. It’s about the experience, as if you were sitting back in your home theater, not just popcorn.

Mike from MGM about different approaches in our visitation, this is a regional market. Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods were mostly regional powerhouses, 3 and a half times the size, twice the size of Penn, you’re competing with a national operator. We’re able to compete with a national operator in a regional operation. We believe to get people into our casinos you have to offer top
quality entertainment, food and beverages.

Councilor Ferrera regarding several parcels of land outlined in your proposal.
MGM: 95 different tax parcels that are all under our control well into 2014. We are prepared to execute exactly to plan. 2 parcels have to come to fruition. They have 15 acres to play with, if those 2 are in the center we're in trouble. We're paying purchase options to keep us in that position.

Q Both you and Penn are proposing upwards of 800 million in investment. Are you prepared to commit to that full dollar amount?

MGM: We are committed to that project we put on that document.
Councilor Ferrera: You saw the presentation yesterday and on the question regarding traffic you said there really wouldn't be many increases in traffic, conceivably analogous to putting up a pharmacy?

A Our consultant offered that, I would say it's more, peak is 246 cars an hour. Good issue because of when you see it and when you don't.
It is unlike Eastern States Exposition where people come for 17 days,

Councilor Edwards: In fairness to Peter Picknelly, could you talk a little bit about the fact that he won't be moving into Union Station and we've been waiting for 20 yrs for Union Station to come on line. Would you be committed to filling that void?

MGM: Will be utilizing the 2nd and 3rd floor as a call center for reservation calls for our company.
Yesterday we made calls and ascertained that several operators have expressed an interest here. They have felt locked out in the past. MGM won't create a bus company.

Interruption from someone who has a solution

Going to MGC, competing with WMA, those jobs have to be dispersed to neighboring communities, cannot overpromise numbers

Williams, look at the legislation, it doesn't matter where the casino goes. The legislation doesn't let them escape because it's not an urban community. Done for entertainment and opportunity.

George Taggliani is here for public safety to give a Las Vegan perspective on public safety if there are questions.

Councilor Edwards made a motion to adjourn.
Councilor Fenton seconded the motion.
Councilor Ferrera adjourned at 8 25 pm.

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