July 29, 2020

The City of Springfield is the recipient of Community Development Block Grant National Disaster Resiliency (CDBG-NDR) funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The City of Springfield uses a portion of these funds to administer a Healthy Homes Loan Program to low income homeowners and investment owners located in the Six Corners and Memorial Square neighborhoods in Springfield. Such assistance consists of a forgivable loan, secured by an additional mortgage.

Susan Mastroianni, an employee of the City of Springfield Public Schools, has applied for assistance from the City’s Healthy Homes Loan Program.

The City is seeking an exception to the Conflict of Interest provisions of 24 CFR 570.611 which state that no employees of the participating jurisdiction (the City) “who exercise or have exercised any functions or responsibilities with respect to activities assisted with CDGB-NDR funds or who are in a position to participate in a decisionmaking process or gain inside information with regard to these activities, may obtain a financial interest or benefit from a CDBG-NDR-assisted activity,  or have an interest in any contract, subcontract or agreement with respect thereto, or the proceeds thereunder, either for themselves or those with whom they have family or business ties, during their tenure or for one year thereafter.”  

Susan Mastroianni, does not have, and has never had any input in the administration of the City’s CDBG-NDR allocation. As such, the City is posting this notice and informing HUD of the circumstances in this instance. The City is requesting that HUD provide an exception to its general conflict of interest rule in order to allow the City to provide assistance to this individual.



Date of Advisory: May 6, 2020

Notice is hereby given that the City of Springfield Department of Health & Human Services has promulgated a regulation under authority of M.G.L.c. 111, section 31 as is necessary to protect the health and safety of the citizens of Springfield.

The regulation orders individuals to wear face coverings in public settings as a mandatory measure effective May 6, 2020. The legal notice can be viewed by clicking here. The full regulation can be viewed by clicking here.

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