Shopping Tips

Virtually unseen, the weights and measures official inspects businesses frequented by the everyday consumer. The gasoline dispensers for our vehicles, the fuel oil trucks to heat our homes, and the groceries we purchase at the supermarket are all inspected annually. The following are many other companies that require yearly inspections.

Taxi CompaniesAsphalt Companies
Convenience StoresRecycling Facilities
Hospitals and Medical Offices   Chemical Companies
SchoolsBulk Fuel Terminals
LaundriesWholesale Warehouses
Hardware StoresTrucking and Moving Companies
BakeriesConstruction Companies

According to the United States Department of Commerce, Census of Retail Trade, the amount in sales regulated by this office total over Two Billion Dollars annually.

Another duty is the enforcement of The Consumer and Merchant Protection Act of 1998. This law requires the inspection of automated scanning systems employed at over 100 retail businesses in the city. Last year Springfield merchants averaged 97% pricing accuracy, but the consumer must still be vigilant in their buying habits.

It is our goal to maintain a fair and honest marketplace in the City of Springfield. Along with your help in reporting incorrect purchases, we can continue the integrity and confidence in all of our daily transactions.

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