Home Heating Oil Delivery

The Springfield Weights and Measures Division inspects approximately 70 oil truck meters annually They are calibrated to dispense accurate quantities of fuel and are “wire and lead sealed” to prevent fraud.

Weights and Measures officials also conduct random inspections of home heating oil deliveries in Springfield’s neighborhoods. When a delivery is being made the official will inspect the metering system to make sure all seals are intact. The inspector will also check the current and previous delivery tickets to determine if all regulations have been followed. If any violations are found a warning or fine will be issued.

Tips when getting an oil delivery

  •  Unless arrangements are made in writing prior to the sale, you must receive an oil delivery ticket from the seller upon delivery.
  • An oil delivery ticket should never be in a meter when first arriving at your home or business. The operator should insert the ticket in the meter just prior to the delivery.
  • All meters must start on zero.
  •  All oil delivery tickets should have the following information.
  • Serial number
  • Date of delivery
  • Name and address of seller
  • Name and address of buyer
  • The quantity of oil delivered mechanically printed on the ticket
  • A sales sequence number mechanically printed on the ticket
  • The price per gallon
  • The identity of the person making the delivery (Drivers name, initials, or code number)
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