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The City of Springfield is a Single Stream Recycling community. Single Stream Recycling refers to a system in which all kinds of recyclables such as plastics, paper, metals, glass etc.  are put into a single bin by residents. Once the recyclables are collected they are transported to the Springfield Material Recovery Facility (MRF) where they are sorted and processed.

Springfield is a member of the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) Advisory Board.  The MRF Advisory Board is a public body created by the municipal contract to discuss and review MRF operations, to provide education about the MRF recycling program, and to mediate disputes between towns, the MRF operators and DEP. Springfield is represented by our board member Cristina Ferrera, Project Director for DPW. If you have any questions or concerns regarding recycling please feel free to contact Cristina via email;

Like most things, recycling has changed and evolved over time. As you may know, recycling is a commodity, and was once a profitable one. Recently the markets have changed and recycling no longer provides the same fiscal benefits to communities as it used to. This is all the more reason we continue our work as a community to improve our recycling efforts.

The good news is we have been doing great! We have a full time Recycling Enforcement Coordinator who is out in the community Tuesday through Friday working to help keep our recycling stream clean. You may have seen him, or you may have seen evidence of him in the form of the orange stickers left on recycling barrels. These stickers are just a friendly reminder of what can and cannot go in the recycling barrel. We understand that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and that’s why our Recycling Enforcement Coordinator is available to answer any questions you may have, and his vehicle is always stocked with helpful educational materials to hand out.

We stay ever vigilant to enforce clean recycling because contaminated recycling comes at a high cost to our City in the form of pricey fines. In fact, every scenario that involves contamination in the recycling comes with a cost. For instance, once the recycling truck has finished a particular street, and a barrel was left behind for contamination, we often get a request to return to the residence to empty the barrel. While we understand the reasoning behind these requests, it is cost prohibitive to return to areas once they have been completed. However rest assured we will be back on your following recycle week and we will be glad to empty your barrel as long as the contamination has been removed. If you find that you have an overflow of recycling, please feel free to place any additional recycling in a cardboard box next to your recycle barrel and it will be picked up with your recycling. Residents are also welcome to drop off their recycling at the Bondi’s Island Landfill.

To find out when your recycling day is, simply enter your address in our GIS mapping system here.  You may also call the 311 Service Center with any questions regarding your recycling services.

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