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The I-91 Viaduct Rehabilitation Project is replacing the existing deck of the I-91 viaduct, an elevated structure in Springfield, Massachusetts. The project is progressing on an accelerated schedule to minimize traffic impacts and reduce construction duration. Once completed, the I-91 Viaduct Rehabilitation Project will increase safety and accessibility on this busy interstate, reduce annual maintenance costs, and ensure long-term service. MassDOT signed a $148 million contract with the Joint Venture of White-Schiavone (JV) in May 2015. The project will receive 80% of its funding from the Federal Highway Administration and 20% from the Commonwealth.

Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway Closure Springfield, MA

Main Interceptor Rehabilitation Project Update

On behalf of the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission, private contractors will repair three Combined Sewer Outfalls along the Connecticut River as part of the ongoing Main Interceptor Rehabilitation Project. For the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, the Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway will be closed from Liberty Street to Riverfront Park until Further Notice while this work is ongoing. Signs will be posted to indicate the area where the path is closed.
We appreciate the patience of residents while this work is being performed. Please contact the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission at 413-310-3501 with questions regarding this project.

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