The Change To A Mixed Method Of Representation

On November 6, 2007 the voters of the city of Springfield approved a binding question that will change method in which City Councilors and School Committee members are elected.

Composition Of City Council and School Committee

As of 2009 the City Council and School Committee will be elected based on a mixed method with candidates running either at large or from one of the eight City Wards.

For a list of current City Council members click here.

The City Council will have 13 members elected for a two year term.  Five members will be elected at large by all the voters of the city and eight to be elected by voters of each City Ward.

For a current list of School Committee members click here.

The School Committee will be composed of 6 members elected to four year terms (plus the Mayor).  Two members will be elected at large by all the voters of the City.  One member member will be elected from each of the four districts set forth below:

  • The combined Wards 1 and 3
  • The combined Wards 4 and 5
  • The combined Wards 6 and 7
  • The combined Wards 2 and 8

School Committee members will be elected every four years and the terms for School Committee are not staggered as in past elections.

Wards and Precincts

Wards and Precincts

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