Brownfields Redevelopment Program


Program Goals:

This program was created in 1995 with the goal to promote the sustainable reuse existing brownfields and preventing the creation of additional ones. Redeveloping brownfields shifts development pressures away from undeveloped land, improving and protecting the environment.  Further, brownfields redevelopment returns non-productive real estate assets to productive use, promoting economic development.

The City of Springfield's Brownfields Program is managed by the Office of Planning and Economic Development. The Office of Community Development also plays a critical role by managing the funds for the program. 

Environmental Site Assessments:

The City of Springfield's Brownfields Program facilitates Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments and Phase III Cleanup Plans on priority redevelopment sites. The site assessments have been primarily funded through the City's EPA grants, or from Targeted Brownfields Assessments performed by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection or EPA.

Current Redevelopment Projects:

Successful Brownfield Redevelopment Projects in Springfield:

  • Springfield Smith & Wesson Industrial Park - Springfield Performance Food Group moved into this site after environmental remediation was completed
  • 126 Memorial Drive. Redeveloped for a new Astro Logistics facility.
  • Former Springfield DPW yard, Taylor Street.  Redeveloped for the new Hampden-Zimmerman showroom and expansion of Springfield Foods facility.
  • Former Carew Street School, Carew Street.  Redeveloped for a new Head Start facility.
  • Plainfield Street Soccer Facility, Plainfield Street.  Formerly a junk yard, this site has been cleaned and is now a soccer facility for the Brightwood Neighborhood.
  • Bing Theater, Sumner Avenue.  Formerly a gasoline filling station and auto repair shop, the theater will be redeveloped as an arts center.

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