S.C.O.O.P.: Springfield Coalition for Opioid Overdose Prevention

S.C.O.O.P.'s overarching goal is to address Opioid misuse and abuse, unintentional deaths, and non-fatal hospital events associated with Opioid poisonings in MA.

S.C.O.O.P's Activities include:

  • Coordinate trainings, workshops and prevention activities for Springfield and the surrounding communities.
  • Provide technical assistance for communities to implement local policies, practices, systems and environmental changes to prevent the misuse/abuse of Opioids and prevent/reduce unintentional deaths.
  • Collaborate with local residents, neighborhoods, municipalities, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, community organizations and other stakeholders in building the capacity to combat substance use disorders.

For more information contact: (413)787-6718(phone);(413)787-6458(fax)



P.E.A.T. (Prevention, Education, and Awareness Team)

Coalition Mission:

To address the growing prescription drug misuse and harmful use issue by raising community awareness through evidence based prevention strategies.

P.E.A.T. strives to build partnerships within in the City of Springfield aimed at youth & parents.

  • We focus our prevention efforts on late middle and early high school-age youth, their parents and/or primary caregivers to relate the issue of prescription drug safety to overall health and understanding proper use, misuse, and harmful/problem use.
  • Provide education, trainings and technical assistance to schools and youth serving organizations on evidenced based policies and practices to reduce/prevent Rx drug misuse and harmful/problem use.
  • Research shows that it is often during middle school or early on in high school that students start experiment with and/or begin to use prescription drugs that are not prescribed to them.
  • Convene regular coalition meetings for community residents and stakeholders to raise awareness, educate and inform youth, parents and the greater community on substance use disorders and prevention efforts.

For more information contact: (413)787-6724(p); (413)787-6458(f)

Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative

SAPC addresses the problems of underage drinking and marijuana misuse in young people.

  • Raise awareness of the dangers of underage drinking and marijuana use among youth.
  • Work on evidenced based strategies to lower heavy use or binge drinking.
  • Work in collaboration with youth, parents and schools to implement best practices when addressing underage drinking and marijuana use.

For more information contact: (413)787-6718(p); (413)787-6458(f)

Other local and state resources

Mass Substance Abuse Information and Education Helpline: (800) 327-5050


  • Carlson Recovery Center: (413) 733-1431
  • Providence Detox (413) 539-2981


  • Phoenix Outpatient Program Youth & Adults: (41) 739-2440 ext. 4
  • Gandara Center - Adult: (413) 732-2120; Youth: (413) 736-0395
  • Behavioral Health Network
    • Adult

      • Carlson Day - (413) 301-9337
      • Sloan Clinic - (413) 733-1431
      • School St. Counseling Institute - (413) 846-4300

    • Youth
      • Child Guidance Clinic - (413) 304-7419


  • Valley Psychiatric Services - (413) 827-8959
  • River Valley Counseling Ctr. - (413) 540-1234



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