The Municipal Ballot Question Committee

A ballot question committee is defined as “a political committee which receives or expends money or other things of value for the purpose of favoring or opposing the adoption or rejection of a specific question or questions submitted to the voters including, without limitation, a charter change, an initiative or referendum question or a constitutional amendment.” If you are thinking of undertaking any activity related to a ballot question, we urge you to contact OCPF or our office prior to doing so, because expenditures made before a question is placed on the ballot may be subject to the provisions of Chapter 55. If a ballot question appears on a municipal ballot, a committee favoring or opposing such a question must register its committee and file reports with the Election Commission prior to raising any money. 

Please find committees listed below who have filed reports with the Springfield Board of Elections:

Campaign Finance Reporting

The campaign finance law currently requires local election officials to make campaign finance reports available for public inspection and copying during normal business hours.  A change to Section 26 expands that reponsiblity by requiring local election officials to post any campaign finance report on their municipal web site if the report discloses activity (receipts, expenditures or liabilities) of $1,000 or more during a reporting period.  The following is a list of School Committee members, candidates & organizations that meet this criteria, click on their name to see their CPF M 102 report for 2016:


Campaign Finance Memo

Annual Campaign Contribution Limits

For more information regarding the Office of Campaign Finance click here.

What is the Depository Reporting System?

The depository reporting system was established by Section 19 of M.G.L. Chapter 55, the Massachusetts campaign finance law. Candidates and committees in this reporting system arrange for their financial institutions to file monthly reports with OCPF listing their total monthly deposits and providing detailed information about the committee's expenditures. In addition, these candidates file monthly reports of contribution information, and, if applicable, detailed reports for any reimbursement or credit card payments made by the committee. For candidates on the ballot, the frequency of reporting increases to twice-monthly in the last six months of an election year. These candidates and committees are also responsible for filing year-end summary reports.  Depository candidates and committees include seats in cities with 100,000+ Populations this includes the communities of: Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, Springfield and Worcester.Below are CPF D 103 forms that have been filed with our office.  For more information click here.

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