Strategic Impact Unit - Narcotics & Vice

The Strategic Impact Unit (formerly known as the Narcotics Bureau and Vice Control Squad) is  led by Captain Brian Keenan.  It includes Narcotics, Morals, Liquor violations, Licensing for Transient Vendors and Street Hawkers, and Sex Crimes.

Take control and halt drug-using lifestyles that deteriorate and ruin lives, families, neighborhoods, and communities.  You can make a difference. Drugs are related to crime in multiple ways. Most directly, it is a crime to use, possess, manufacture, or distribute drugs classified as having a potential for abuse (such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and amphetamines). Drugs are also related to crime through the effects they have on the user's behavior and by generating violence and other illegal activity in connection with drug trafficking.

Drug-related offenses and drug-using lifestyles are major contributors to the U.S. crime problem; illicit drug users are about 16 times more likely than nonusers to report being arrested and booked for larceny or theft. (Information from Office of National Drug Control Policy)

General Number 787-6393

The Strategic Impact Unit challenges the community to use every resource: the telephone, email, text-a-tip, and Community Police contacts for information and tips to help illuminate drug trafficking and use in Springfield.

Property Division
The Property Division is responsible for cataloging and storing every piece of property that comes into the custody of the Springfield Police Department. The unit holds secure property until it is disposed of by Court Order, by Statute, or until it can be returned to the lawful owner. The SPD sends surplus property to the online police auction site Traditionally, the majority of the auction items are bicycles, tools, electronics, and jewelry.

Captain Brian Keenan   787-6351


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