Police Department Permits


Springfield Police Department Clerks Office
130 Pearl Street
Springfield, MA 01105
Phone: 413 787 6310
Fax: 413 787 6519
Email: Clerks-Office@SpringfieldPolice.net
Staff Liaison: Christine Wheble, Office Manager

Office Hours:

Permits and license applications are accepted by USPS mail. If you are required to have a photograph and/or fingerprints taken, an appointment must be made.

Applications for new Firearms Licenses (FID/LTC) are by appointment.

Accident, Crash, and Incident reports will be delivered by USPS mail, email, or Fax.
If it is necessary for you to visit the Clerks Office, please make an appointment.

C.O.R.I. requests and Hawker Peddler background checks and applications are accepted by USPS mail.
For both CORI requests and Hawker Peddler applications, include a photocopy of both the front and back of your drivers license or state ID card.

Fingerprints and Photos:

Fingerprints and photographs can be obtained by appointment.

For all other permits and licenses, please contact the SPD Clerks Office by telephone, 413 787 6310, or by email, Clerks-Office@Springfield-Police.net.

Permits and Reports Issued by the Clerks’ Office:

Accident or Crash Report
Auctioneers License
C.O.R.I. (background check)
Door to Door Solicitation
Firearms (F.I.D.) Card
License to Carry Firearms (LTC)
Fortune Teller License
Holiday Opening Permit
Ice Cream Vendor
Incident Reports
Ninety (90) Day permits
Pawnbroker License
Second Hand Dealer License (Antiques)
Second Hand Dealer License (All others)

Applicable Local, State, Federal Statutes:

M.G.L. Chapter 140, Sections 121-136

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