Historic Districts by Street

Properties Located in Local Historic Districts in Springfield, MA
(as shown on local historic district maps)

Call Springfield Historical Commission staff at (413) 787-6020 with any questions and to determine if the Commission controls proposed changes to your property.

Street NameNumbersDistrict
Ames HillEntire StreetMaple Hill
Armory StreetBetween #426 and #500Our Lady of Hope
Avon PlaceEntire StreetRidgewood
Bay Street#116 - 290McKnight
Beechwood AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Bellevue AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Belmont Avenue#164 - 214Forest Park Heights
Bowdoin Street#45 - 198McKnight
Bridge Street#452 - 496Apremont Triangle
Buckingham PlaceEntire StreetMcKnight
Buckingham StreetEntire StreetMcKnight
Buena Vista PlaceEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Campus PlaceEntire StreetMcKnight
Central Street#83 - 269Maple Hill
Cherryvale AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Chestnut Street#25 - 81 (odd only)Quadrangle/Mattoon
Chestnut Street#109Apremont Triangle
Chestnut Street#122 - 166Apremont Triangle
Chestnut Street#151Willys-Overland Block
Churchill StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Clarendon StreetEntire StreetMcKnight
Colony RoadEntire StreetColony Hills
Cornell StreetEntire Street excludes #43 & #111McKnight
Crescent HillEntire StreetMaple Hill
Dale Street#44-46 (even only)Bliss House
Dartmouth StreetEntire StreetMcKnight
Dartmouth TerraceEntire StreetMcKnight
East Park Street#91-93Lower Maple
Elliot StreetEntire StreetQuadrangle/Mattoon
Fairfield StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Firglade AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Florentine GardensEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Florida Street#76 - 219McKnight
Forest Park Avenue#99 - 342Forest Park Heights
Fort Pleasant Avenue#203 - 251 (odd only)Forest Park Heights
Garfield Street#11 - 125Forest Park Heights
George StreetEntire StreetMaple Hill
Glen Road#2McKnight
Greenleaf StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Harvard Street#107 - 156McKnight
High Street#11 - 69Lower Maple
Ingersol GroveEntire StreetMcKnight
Kopernick StreetWest side onlyImmaculate Conception
Laverne AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Liberty Street270-274 (even only)Thomas Wason House
Litchfield Street#17 and east side LotForest Park Heights
Longhill Street#124 - 432Forest Park Heights
Madison StreetEntire StreetMaple Hill
Magnolia TerraceEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Maple CourtEntire StreetMaple Hill
Maple Street#19 - 83 (odd) + 76-84 (even)Lower Maple
Maple Street#174 - 421Maple Hill
Maple Street#167 & 169Ridgewood
Maplewood TerraceEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Marengo ParkEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Mattoon StreetEntire StreetQuadrangle/Mattoon
Mill Street#92 - 239Maple Hill
Mountainview StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Mulberry StreetEntire StreetRidgewood
Normandy RoadEntire StreetColony Hills
Oxford StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Park DriveEntire StreetColony Hills
Parker Street#25Immaculate Conception
Pearl StreetS. side lot (odd side prior to 27)Apremont Triangle
Pine Street#195 - 394Maple Hill
Pineywoods AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Randolph StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Ridgewood PlaceEntire StreetRidgewood
Ridgewood TerraceEntire StreetRidgewood
Riverview StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Riverview TerraceEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Salem Street#18 onlyQuadrangle/Mattoon
School Street#14 - 92 (even only) plus #57Lower Maple
School Street#100 - 130 (even only)Ridgewood
Sherman Street#158 & #164McKnight
Spruceland AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
St. James Avenue#141 - 314McKnight
State Street

#195 -289 (odd only)

Lower Maple

State Street#222 - 284 (even only)Quadrangle/Mattoon
State Street#684 & #730McKnight
Sterns TerraceEntire StreetMaple Hill
Sumner Avenue#3 - 268Forest Park Heights
Temple StreetEntire StreetLower Maple
Thompson StreetEntire StreetMcKnight
Union Street#247 - 276Lower Maple
Union Street#307 - 409 (odd only)Ridgewood
Washington BlvdEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Washington RoadEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Westernview StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Westminster StreetEntire StreetMcKnight
Worthington Street#211 - 213Driscoll Block
Worthington Street#1030 - 1176McKnight
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