November 2016 Springfield Union Station Photos

November 2016 - General Site Views

Overview of the exterior of the terminal building

Overview of the concourse facing the tunnel

Workers continue installing and grouting floor tiles in the InterCity Bus Waiting Area

New recessed lights in the outer concourse, the two center temp lights will be replaced shortly

View of kitchen cabinets in room 129

Workers install stainless steel column covers in the Bus Waiting areas

A ground floor corridor is nearly complete

Workers install terrazzo mud set at the tunnel entrance

Workers clean the terrazzo after repairs are made

Overview of the tunnel work in progress

Workers correct the grade at Dwight Street

Workers install new binder over Dwight Street

Workers pave the employee parking lot with new binder

The PVTA entrance canopy is complete

New embossed cross walks are installed

Overview of site taken from the roof of the terminal building

Photo of the parking garage taken from the northwest corner

Line striping and numbering at the parking garage

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