July 2016 Springfield Union Station Photos

July 2016 - General Site Views

Overview of the site

Workers complete the wood blocking to the ceiling and walls for future plaster moldings

The overhead doors to the tunnel are installed

Workers install cement board to the columns for the new marble

Workers frame and drywall the ceiling near the tunnel

Sy from Skanska inspects the insulation work in corridor 116

Workers install concrete for the busway

A new sidewalk is installed under the new island canopy

Overview of the parking garage

Workers install CMU block for the new elevator machine room

Workers install CMU block for the elevator entrance on all floors

The curtain walls are completed and ready for glass

Workers waterproof the tunnel between platforms A and B

Workers begin the backfill process at the tunnel sides

Workers re-grade over the waterproofed tunnel

Workers add the ballast to the top of the tunnel


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