Springfield Seeks Consultant to Assist With Redevelopment at Court Square

SPRINGFIELD -- The city is advertising for a consultant to assist plans for a major redevelopment of a long-vacant, historic block at Court Square in the downtown, planned for housing and retail uses.

The city is scheduled Nov. 6 to open proposals from consultants for the task of providing project management and related services for the development of the six-story building at 31 Elm St., and adjacent properties in the urban renewal area.

"For a project of this complexity, it makes an awful lot of sense to have a person manage and advance the project on a day-to-day basis," said Kevin Kennedy, the city's chief development officer. "It's a difficult project -- a very complex building to begin with, a complex set of site conditions, a very complex array of financial considerations." Read more

Photographs Inside and Outside of 13-31 Elm St

Court Square Art Gallery

Artwork created by John Simpson

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