April 2015 Springfield Union Station Photos

April 2015 - General Site Views

Inside Terminal Building work continues as preparations are made for rebuilding to accommodate the PVTA and others.

All stairways have been removed and ladders connect the floors. The stud wall will become a glass storefront waiting area.

The steel arches stand ready to form the entrance to the tunnel connecting to Lyman Street and the railroad loading areas.

These arches will showcase a food court and small shops in the future.

The eerie glow from the windows will be transformed with new windows to provide bright natural lighting once renovation is complete.

View of the open third floor with stairs removed to make way for elevators and new stairs. The windows will provide superior natural lighting to improve the sustainability characteristics of the historic building.

The rear canopy is being removed to enhance the appearance of the rail side of the building and allow more sunlight to enter.

Contractor is demolishing the fourth floor stairway enclosures which formerly allowed roof access. New access will be constructed to support the new heating, air conditioning and ventilating systems (HVAC).

Pre-construction debris removal to clear new ground in the area beneath the new parking garage foundation.

Remnants of the former Hotel Charles must be removed before the garage foundation can be constructed.

Debris screening equipment near garage site excavation.

A frozen pile remains to the right of the parking garage site. At the bottom of the photo, there is a ground water retention pit.

The parking garage site is nearly cleared of debris.

Screening equipment removing debris larger than one inch for proper disposal.

The ground and debris above the natural silt/clay layer must be removed and screened with proper soil replaced beneath the future parking garage.

Here you can see the outline where a swimming pool once was in the former Hotel Charles. The dry silt/clay layer of soil is being inspected.

The limits of garage site excavation are closely monitored and recorded.

The parking garage site has been cleared of debris and the site has been prepared for the new construction.

The next step in the parking garage construction starts with a structural geotextile fabric spread over the entire site to allow heavy equipment to begin the installation of the dry piles necessary to support the garage structure.

With the geotextile fabric installed, a layer of gravel has been placed on it to serve as a working platform for the equipment to begin the installation of the Pressure Injected Footings (PIFS) which will begin in early May.

A stone wash access and egress area has been constructed to help prevent tracking of materials onto the roadways as construction vehicles leave the site.

With the Baggage Building removed, the next step will be to excavate the area of the open air bus terminal and begin preparation of subgrade to support bus traffic.

The pile of snow, soil and frozen ground must melt before work can begin on the open air terminal.

An old water line is being replaced on Frank B. Murray Street.

A new sign has been installed at the corner of Frank B. Murray and Dwight Street.

The road patch outlines the location of a new water line in front of the Union Station Terminal Building.

Construction of a new water line westerly along Frank B. Murray Street.

This is the area for the new connection to Liberty Street which will form a portion of the open air bus terminal for PVTA.

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