February 2015 Springfield Union Station Photos

February 2015 - Exterior Views and Sheet Piling Installation

Portions of the second floor west wall have been demolished. The exposed area will be temporarily enclosed until warmer weather when the masons will install new brick to match the appearance of the existing Terminal Building.

The windows on the second floor have been removed and replaced with the temporary wooden windows shown.

The extreme change in winter conditions during the month of February have resulted in frost depths to near 3 feet and below zero temperatures for days on end have made the working conditions unfavorable. The piles of the thick frost in the background have made the excavation difficult for the equipment and the extreme cold has made it difficult on the workmen.

The excavation of the site of the former Hotel Charles, where the frost has begun to set in. A hammer on the excavator is necessary to break through.

Sheet piling is installed to protect the retaining wall. The sheet piling is made of steel and interlocks sheet to sheet.

Heat lines have been installed to melt frost which will allow the sheet piling to be installed.

The contractor installed a guide beam to ensure that the sheet piling goes in straight.

The contractor installs the first sheet piles.

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