January 2015 Springfield Union Station Photos

Site Views and Inside of Terminal Building

The west side of Terminal building with be reconstructed to historically match the front of the building blending the site together.

A closer look at the west side shows the extent of the work. Approximately 10,000 bricks have been salvaged from the baggage building to perform the repairs.

Interior selective demolition pieces were removed from the building through openings in the west wall of the first and second floors.

Inside the Terminal building, the demolition of interior partitions opens an area soon to be administrative space for the PVTA.

The grand arches of the Concourse have been cleared of old materials and are waiting to be reborn in grand fashion.

The interior demolition has exposed the inside of the west wall and the future entrance to the PVTA waiting room.

The future entrance and waiting area for the intercity bus ticketing and waiting area is already being transformed.

The hall around the Concourse where rail ticketing once took place will see bustling passengers again when construction is complete.

The tunnel to the railroad tracks will have a considerably more ornate lighting than what is in place now.

Workers in a dusty demolition area wear their protective coverings while working.

Once the interior walls are removed, protective railings must be installed to prevent falls. This area of the mezzanine will be home to new mechanical equipment to support the floors above.

Preparations underway to complete the coring for the final step in the securing the retaining wall.

With the former baggage building completely removed, the site takes on a whole new look. Planned are a new parking garage to the far rear, right of the site, and new bus berths and trees in the foreground.

This site, with the arch in the background, will be the location of the new parking garage.

Work continues on the parking garage site to remove asbestos contaminated soil from years of repairs on steam lines for the old Hotel Charles Site.

Contractors performing the final soil nailing process at the retaining wall.

Gutting of Terminal Building and Site Clean-Up

The third floor of the Terminal building has been selectively demolished removing all of the partitions from outside wall to outside wall.

Once all of the partitions are removed and the existing structure is inspected this area on the third floor will be renovated to an open office space.

The existing mezzanine has had existing walls, ceilings, windows, stairs and floors removed to inspect the structure. Renovations will provide a finished area for commercial opportunities.

The area adjacent to the main concourse will have all new utilities and finishes and will be dedicated to food services.

The concourse windows and old finishes with be replaced with new, energy efficient windows and wall insulation to insure a sustainable and efficient outer shell to the building.

The removal of the windows in the concourse area of the Terminal Building and installation of temporary windows will preserve the inside until the new replacement windows are installed.

Like the third floor, the second floor of the Terminal Building was selectively cleared of all partitions, ceilings and windows in preparation for new finishes. Here this will provide a framework for new office, training or commercial tenants.

The stately Concourse is only a shell but will be refurbished to its glory days with new finishes. The Terrazzo flooring of old is being protected during construction and will be sanded and refinished to bring back the grandeur of the Concourse.

The structural arches and columns are all that is left of the marble and plaster finishes of a the passenger waiting area. The area will be retrofitted with a food court.

The stately columns which are in the process of being stripped of their plaster coating will be the connection between the train and the city buses.

The total demolition of the old baggage building opened up potential for providing an open-air bus berthing for both regional and long range bus travel.

With the baggage building removed, work will be done to make the entrances for the PVTA and the longer distance bus service areas match the historic exterior of the Terminal Building.

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