New Uses for Fire Station Report

The City of Springfield plans to divest four decommissioned fire stations and return them to productive use. This report was commissioned to support that goal.  Achieving this goal requires imagination to see the potential, capital to fund the work, labor of all sorts to get the task done, and new owners and occupants to use, support and maintain the completed projects.  The following report was prepared for the City of Springfield by Fort Point Consulting, Inc. April 24, 2014.  It contains data and insights that can help the city and prospective owners identify and evaluate potential new uses for these four buildings.  Click here to view the report.

Page Boulevard - East Springfield - Click to Enlarge

Page Boulevard

The Page Boulevard Station was built in 1927. This site is located in East Springfield neighborhood.  Page Boulevard is primarily a commercial street, zoned for business and industrial use.  Although the zoning allows commercial and retail uses, this site has no effective commercial frontage and a long, circuitous access path for cars passing on Page Boulevard in either direction.

Sumner Avenue Station - East Forest Park - Click to Enlarge

Sumner Avenue

The Sumner Avenue Station was built in 1925 and sits on a 5,000 s.f. residential lot at the corner of Sumner Ave. and Howes Street.  It is located in a short strip of two-family zoning that is surrounded by a monolithic single-family district.  Neighbors have expressed a strong desire for residential use without obvious commercial characteristics.

Oak Street- Indian Orchard - Click to Enlarge

Oak Street

The Oak Street Station, also known as the Indian Orchard Fire Station, was built in 1897 and enlarged in 1906.The Massachusetts Historical Commission classifies the building as individually eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.  The immedate surrounding neighborhood is zoned Residence B, and is primarily developed with two-family housing.  Indian Orchard's Main Street is just several blocks north, with business zoning that accomodates shopping, restaurants, and multi-family housing.

Oakland Street - Forest Park - Click to Enlarge

Oakland Street

The Oakland Street Station was builtin 1894-95 and enlarged in 1907. The interior was remodled and hose tower added in 1969. The Massachussets Historical Commission classifies the building as individually eligible for listing on the Natianal Register of Historic Places.  The Oakland Street Station is located in the Forest Park district, a densely developed residential area with a mix of housing types and income levels.  It is within a Business A zone and is part of a commercial district that runs along Belmont Avenue and continues up Oakland Street as the intersection with Dickenson Street.  To the other directions the area is primarily zoned for residential use, with a mix of two-family and three family areas, as well as grand-fathered multi-family buildings.  Retail in the immediate are includes business services, restaurants, auto repair, and a large grocery store.

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