Therapeutic Recreation Club (TRC)


TRC is designed for people with disabilities to come together to enjoy common interests, have fun and meet new people through planned and structured activities. Our goal is to promote independence, increase physical activity, and improve one’s socialization skills.


Activities are planned four times a year with a fall, winter, spring and summer schedule and cost is based on each activity. Information for each season will be mailed to participants as well as posted on the Springfield Parks and Recreation website, Facebook, and/or can be picked up at the Recreation Office in Forest Park.

Activities include but are not limited to shows, sporting events, bowling, social events such as movie/dinner nights, comedy shows, day trips and more.

Staff / participant ratio varies depending on activity. If someone needs individualized supervision please inform the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.

Participant Information

All participants must be 18 years of age or older, semi-independent and continent.

Participant needs to fill out a detailed registration form which can be found on the Springfield Parks and Recreation website, and/or can be picked up at the Recreation Office in Forest Park. If any changes occur with phone numbers, addresses, medications / diagnosis please inform the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist so your information can be updated.

Plan to dress accordingly for each event.  Participants should bring spending money if they want to purchase souvenirs or snacks if they are not included. We are not responsible for lost or stolen money or items that the participant may bring.

Registration & Cancellation

To register for activities, you may call, email or mail in forms. The contact information is provided below. We accept cash, checks and money orders which should be made payable to: City of Springfield/TRC. There will be a fee for a check that bounces.

Please be mindful of the due dates for activities; if we do not reach the number of participants needed for each activity by that date then we will need to cancel. If you are unable to attend an activity you need to give me at least a 24 notice for a credit on your account.

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