Health Department Permits



Department of Health & Human Services

311 State Street Springfield, MA 01105


Helen R. Caulton-Harris, Commissioner


Public Liaison:

Steve Stathis, Environmental Health Director


(413) 787-6740


(413) 787-6458 Fax



Keitha Maldonado, Senior Clerk Typist

(413) 787- 6717


Office Hours:

8:15 am- 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday



Food Licenses/Permits Issued:

Food Licenses:New- Renewal 

Recreation Camp Application


Trailer Coach

Body Art Establishment Body Art Practitioner



Process for Obtaining Permit(s):

All applications obtained at the Department of Health & Human Services during business hours.



Advertising Requirements:

Not applicable



Time Frame for Public Hearing:

Not applicable



Time Frame for Decision:

Variable, information on application.



Appeal Process:

Information on application



Fee Schedule:

See table on following page.



Applicable Local, State, Federal Statutes

MGL Chapter 94 Sec 65H, MGL Chapter 114, Sec 45, Massachusetts Sanitation Code Article 5 and 10, MGL Chapter 111, Sec 122

Burial Permit

The Burial permit program work with all funeral homes and all major hospitals in the city providing burial permits to residents and non-residents who died in the city.


  • Burial permit fee - $15.00
  • Funeral Director's Annual License Fee - $125.00


Contact Information:

(413) 787-6741

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