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20-135 - Purchase and Redevelop NS Hampden Street Parcels

End date: Friday April 10, 2020 at 2 p.m.

The lot known as N S Hampden Street (ID: 06230 - 0019) is owned by the City of Springfield. The parcel was transferred to the City by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through the Department of Public Works, to the City of Springfield dated October 25, 1978.

The parcel total square footage is 7,344, zoned as Business C with an assessed value of $93,800.

The property was deeded to the City by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with a restriction placed on the property. The restriction states that the premises are conveyed for municipal or public uses including “off street parking”. The deed was recorded on December 6, 1978 at the Hampden County Registry of Deeds in Book 4739, Page 149.

The City has arranged with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation - Highway Division to release the deed restriction at the time of closing.


The City is seeking to select a developer who submits the most advantageous proposal consistent with the selection criteria and proposal requirements set forth in this RFP, and who demonstrates the ability to perform as proposed in a timely fashion.

While the financial benefits (i.e., price paid for the property) of a proposal are important to the selection of a developer, coupled with all selection criteria, the City will also consider the broader fiscal and economic benefits to be realized from the redevelopment project.

The City will not be obligated to select the proposer offering the highest purchase price if another proposal better satisfies the selection criteria and other requirements of this RFP as a whole.

The City is most interested in proposals that creatively integrate the sites with the surrounding area, respecting zoning that creates a viable redevelopment opportunity and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the streetscape. Proposers should be familiar with abutting uses and mindful of such when developing a redevelopment project and program to ensure the project is respectful of existing neighbors. As mentioned before the parcel is zoned as Business C, any other use may require a zone change. This would be up to the developer to investigate any changes in zoning.

The City envisions a development that incorporates any reasonable proposals which could include some or all of the following elements:

• Featuring and preserving historic features and attributes of the property
• Creating positive street level activity.
• Firm financing letters or proof of funding to undertake redevelopment costs
• Timeline to have project completed
• Creating jobs and/or quality housing opportunities for Springfield residents


• The designated developer, its agents, consultants, engineers, other contractors and designees will be granted a right of entry to advance its due diligence activities, subject to providing the City in advance with certificates of insurance evidencing and signing a hold harmless agreement.

• That such parties have in place reasonable amounts of comprehensive general liability and workers compensation insurance for their activities on the premises.

• The designated developer should give the City 48 hours’ notice of any required entry to the property.

• The property is being sold in as-is condition, and the designated developer will take responsibility for any and all environmental conditions upon transfer.

• The City will require a certificate of occupancy within twelve (12) months of the transfer of property to the designated developer or the property will revert back to the City.

• Prior to property transfer, the designated developer will produce financial commitment documentation for the value of the project from its lenders and/or funding sources.

• Prior to closing, the designated developer will produce a detailed project schedule and final floor plans for the building.

• The Office of Planning & Economic Development will maintain a Site Plan approval of final landscaping/parking on-site plans. No tree removal or other landscaping or site plan alterations should be made prior to this approval.

• The City is most interested in proposals that creatively integrate site with the surrounding area, respecting zoning, and in a manner that creates a viable redevelopment opportunity and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the streetscape.

• Proposers should be familiar with abutting uses and mindful of such when developing a redevelopment project and program to ensure the project is respectful of existing neighbors.


• The property will be conveyed with a reverter clause which will require completion of development within twelve (12) months of conveyance of the deed

• Automotive related uses will not be permitted (i.e. used or new car sales, auto repair, etc.) and or uses that consist primarily of bottle and or can redemption. Interior auto storage will be permitted.

• The City will only consider proposals that include the purchase and redevelopment of the parcel as a single project.

• The Developer must include a statement that the project is in compliance with the ADA (American Disability Act) requirements.


The City will entertain all competitive bids for the property. Price will not be the only factor in selection, but proposers are encouraged to make the best financial benefit case possible to the City and selection committee.


The anticipated schedule is as follows:

March 11, 2010 RFP advertise in Springfield Republican
March 11, 2010 RFP advertise in MA Central Register
March 11, 2020 RFP issued
April 1, 2020 RFP questions due by 4:00 p.m.
April 3, 2020 RFP questions answered
April 10, 2020 Proposals due by 2:00 PM to Procurement Office
April, 2020 Proposals Reviewed
April, 2020 Committee's Recommendation to Mayor
May, 2020 City Council approval to transfer

Schedule may be modified as needed at the discretion of the City. Bidders will be notified of any changes by a written addendum. All changes must go through the Office of Procurement.


The site is on a major public throughway and can be viewed from the public sidewalks at anytime. Interested parties are asked not to enter the private property at any time. Attachments include further information on the property.

Questions regarding the RFP may be submitted in writing to the Procurement Department. In order to provide prompt answers to questions, the City requests that all proposers submit written questions to the City of Springfield’s, Procurement Department by close of business on April 1, 2020. Questions may be faxed or mailed. The Procurement Department’s fax number is (413) 787-6295 or email questions to Lauren Stabilo, CPO at The Procurement Office will compile written answers which will be emailed to all Proposers who requested a copy of the RFP through the Procurement Office, no later than April 3, 2020.

To maintain a fair and impartial competitive process, the City will only answer written questions submitted to the Procurement office. Private communication is not allowed with any RFP Review Committee Member or member of the Office of Planning and Economic Development or other City staff during the proposal preparation and
evaluation period. Proposers who initiate private communication or attempt to violate the process outlined herein will be disqualified.


There will NOT be a formal site-walk as the parcel is easily viewed from the street and sidewalk.

The City of Springfield supports the goal of twenty percent minority and women participation in all contracts. No questions will be answered unless received by the Chief Procurement Officer at least 7 days prior to the expiration of the time set for submitting bids or proposals. The Chief Procurement Officer reserves the right to waive any informality in and to reject any or all bids if it is in the public interest to do so.

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