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20-119 - Redevelopment of Chestnut Middle School Property

End date: Wednesday April 22, 2020 at 2 p.m.

Addendum 1 - Bids postponed until 2:00PM (EST) on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

Bid documents and specifications will be available at no charge beginning Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 9:00 AM at the Office of Procurement or requesting a copy on the City’s website

The City of Springfield is requesting redevelopment proposals for the site formally known as Chestnut Street Middle School (“the Property”). The Property is located in the Memorial Square neighborhood, consisting of eight (8) distinct parcels with a total area of 164,754 square feet and all are zoned Residence C.

The Property is 3.782 acres; with a total assessed value (as of F Y20) is $153,200.

The specific parcel breakdown for the Property is as follows:

a)02750 – 0410 138,400SF Assessed Value $50,600
b)09952 – 0006 951SF Assessed Value $200
c)09952 – 0007 1,529SF Assessed Value $300
d)09952 – 0008 1,323SF Assessed Value $20,300
e)09952 – 0010 3,003SF Assessed Value $21,600
f)09952 – 0012 10,343SF Assessed Value $24,900
g)09952 – 0014 4,534SF Assessed Value $11,400
h)09952 – 0005 6,000SF Assessed Value $24,000

Total Area: 164,754 SF Total Value:$153,200

The City’s goal is to accept a project that will be compatible with the character of the Memorial Square Neighborhood as well as the City’s, by enhancing the positive qualities of its surrounding neighborhood. It is a further goal that proposals for the property be economically viable and demonstrates an ability to generate positive activity in the North End and further benefit the greater Springfield community.

The neighborhood is home to two of the regions largest employers, Baystate Health and Mercy Medical Center. Both of these institutions have invested heavily in their surrounding area which has revitalized significant portions of this community, as well as being the two largest hospitals in the region. The neighborhood is also home to Shriners Hospital as well as several private medical office developments. The City commissioned a study on this “Medical District” to examine the employee base of over 10,000 people to better understand the opportunities that exist for new housing, retail, and commercial space that would not only serve the neighborhood but also these employees. The Medical District report can be found on the City’s Office of Planning and Economic Development’s website at:

The site is close to the City’s downtown which houses many of Springfield’s cultural amenities. These amenities include Symphony Hall, Armory National Historic Site, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield Museums, and the MassMutual Center. Also, within a short distance from the site is the newly redeveloped Union Station, the Connecticut River Walk & Bikeway, the new YMCA health and recreational facility as well as MGM Springfield, a $960 million mixed use entertainment redevelopment that opened in August, 2018.

Given the location of this parcel and its proximity to Springfield’s numerous assets, the City believes that this site offers a unique opportunity for redevelopment.

The majority of the property was at one time home of the former; middle school building owned by the City of Springfield and was known as the Chestnut Middle School. The building was destroyed by a fire in 2013. The site has been entirely cleared of structures.

The City is soliciting proposals from developers interested in undertaking a major development project. This Request for Proposals (RFP) has been developed to permit maximum flexibility to potential developers. Developers are requested to provide their own development concept plan consistent with surrounding land uses. Proposals shall also contain an analysis of the method in which the Proposer will mitigate the impacts upon transportation, utilities, the environment, etc. caused by the proposed project.

A $5,000 deposit is required with each submitted proposal. The deposit would be refundable to those that are not awarded the project and the deposit would become non-refundable to the proposer that is awarded the project, with the deposit going towards the purchase price. All questions due no later than March 19, 2020. Questions can be faxed (413-787-6295) or emailed to

The City is seeking proposals that create a development that is friendly to pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. The City is also seeking a well-designed building frontage for the main throughway of the development site, Chestnut Street. Buildings should be properly massed and sited along Chestnut Street to provide a strong street edge, with parking located to the rear of buildings sited on Chestnut Street.

Contact: Lauren Stabilo 413-787-6284

Request the complete specifications for this solicitation (20-119)

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