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20-111 - Chestnut Middle School Flooring

End date: Thursday February 27, 2020 at 2 p.m.

The City of Springfield invites all interested, qualified persons or firms capable of providing the requested services, to submit bids to enter into an agreement to provide Flooring Installation services for Springfield Public Schools/ Chestnut Middle School in Springfield, MA 01104. This bid falls under M.G.L. Ch. 149 and other procurement statutes.

Work includes, but is not limited to: flooring upgrades and/or installation and associated labor tasks (removal of existing flooring, patching, leveling) including cove base, of selected areas of Chestnut Middle School. Estimated value of the contract is approximately $75,000.00. Bid documents can be requested through the City’s website; or in person at the Office of Procurement (during normal business hours) beginning on February 12, 2020.

The City of Springfield supports the goal of twenty percent minority and women (MWBE) participation in all contracts. Massachusetts Division of Occupational Safety Prevailing Wage rates apply. The Chief Procurement Officer/Designee reserves the right to waive any informality in and to reject any or all bids if it is in the public interest to do so.

All questions regarding the IFB or its specifications must be received by the Office of Procurement on or before February 20, 2020 by 4:30 P.M. ( in order to be considered.

Contact: Sheneil Duncan 413-787-6285

Request the complete specifications for this solicitation (20-111)

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