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19-077 - Purchase and Redevelopment of 135-155 Lyman Street

End date: Wednesday January 16, 2019 at 2 p.m.

The City of Springfield is requesting proposals for the redevelopment of 135 - 155 Lyman St. There is one building on this site that was constructed in the early 1900s. The building sits on two parcels 135 and 139 Lyman St. The lots have different zoning (see below) and the building has six floors and a basement with a total area of approximately 29,750 square feet. The total area of all 5 parcels totals 20,002 square feet. The area for the individual lots is outlined below.

No Site Tours will be conducted.

The revitalization of 135–155 Lyman Street is a key piece to the rebirth of downtown Springfield. The property at 135–155 Lyman Street is a visible example of a property that had lacked investment for many years and now has the opportunity to make a significant positive impact to the Metro Center Neighborhood. The location is a short walk to the heart of Springfield’s downtown restaurant and entertainment district.

The City acquired the building and land in 2009 via tax title as it was identified as a target redevelopment site after the property had suffered from disinvestment for several years. There is one building on this site that was constructed in the early 1900s. The building sits on two parcels 135 and 139 Lyman St. The lots have different zoning (see below) and the building has six floors and a basement with a total area of approximately 29,750 square feet. The total area of all 5 parcels totals 20,002 square feet. The area for the individual lots is outlined below.

135 Lyman St, Parcel # 08030-0059, lot size 2,527 square feet, Zoned Business C
139 Lyman St Parcel # 08030-0058, lot size is 5,000 square feet, Zoned Industrial A.
SS Lyman Street, parcel # 08030-0056, lot size 4,152 square feet, Zoned Industrial A.
151 Lyman Street, parcel # 08030-0055, lot size 4,229 square feet, Zoned Industrial A.
155 Lyman Street, parcel # 08030-0054, lot size 4,394 square feet, Zoned Industrial A.
Total Assessed value for all 5 parcels is $891,500.

For a developer seeking to propose housing uses a zoning change will be required, and the development of onsite parking will be required. The vacant parcels in this RFP, are adjacent to the structure and may serve as off street parking. The property is located in the “Upper Lyman Street” area which is part of the Metro Center Neighborhood. This area is defined as all properties located along Lyman and Taylor Streets, with the southwest edge defined by Chestnut St and the northeastern edge defined by Spring St.

Access to Interstate 91 (north & south) & 291 (east/west) is within 2 miles or less than a 5 minute drive. The area to the north of this 135 Lyman Street is mostly industrial area. To the southwest is where the train and bus station/terminals for Peter Pan/Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) which both reside in the recently opened and revitalized Union Station and is located just down the street from our site.
The businesses surrounding the property at 135–155 Lyman St vary from storage warehouses and distribution facilities to parking lots to a general office building, a charitable organization and an auto repair facility. In short the immediate area is a mixed of industrial, warehousing and commercial usages.

The property is less than a quarter of a mile to Union Station’s entrance, a historic train station reopened in 2017 and redeveloped as a multimodal transit center. The property, 135 Lyman Street, is also a short walk to Tower Square, City Hall, MassMutual Center, Symphony Hall, and the downtown hotels.

The City envisions a mixed use redevelopment consisting of artist live/work space with ground floor gallery/commercial space but will consider any proposal considered advantageous to the city. The City will give preference to developers whose proposal best incorporates the building into the positive attributes in and around the building, offering new amenities for downtown visitors, residents, and workers. Proposers that do not have a use planned and/or tenants committed will not get preference.

The City and an appointed Review Committee reserve the right to accept or reject any or all proposals in whole or in part for any reason and to waive any minor informality within proposals or this document.

The 5 parcels are being sold as one project and “as is” also the City makes no representations regarding the environmental and/or physical condition of the properties and will require the buyer to assume responsibility for these conditions. Prospective developers should undertake their own reviews and reach their own conclusions concerning zoning, title and survey matters, required approvals, physical conditions, environmental conditions, reuse potential, utility services and development, leasehold, legal and other considerations. Proposers are responsible for making their own determinations of existing conditions.

The City is seeking to select a developer who submits the most advantageous proposal consistent with the selection criteria and proposal requirements set forth in this RFP, and who demonstrates the ability to perform as proposed in a timely fashion.

While the financial benefits (i.e., price paid for the property) of a proposal are important to the selection of a developer, coupled with all selection criteria, the City will also consider the broader fiscal and economic benefits to be realized from the redevelopment project. The City will not be obligated to select the developer offering the highest purchase price if another proposal better satisfies the selection criteria and other requirements of this RFP as a whole.

The City envisions a development that incorporates artist live/work uses and will seek proposals that include some or all of the following elements:

• Establish new work/living space
• Creating jobs for Springfield residents
• Incorporating artists and/or public art into the development
• Consideration for the historic attributes of the property and the neighborhood
• Creating positive street level activity on Lyman Street
• Firm commitment letters from tenants or partners proposed for the building
• Firm financing letters or proof of funding to undertake redevelopment costs
• Timeline to have building occupied

The City will entertain all competitive bids for the property. Price will not be the only factor in selection, but proposers are encouraged to make the best financial benefit case possible to the City and Selection Committee.
The site is on a major public throughway and can be viewed from the public sidewalks at any time. Interested parties are asked not to enter the property at any time; there will not be any designated site walks. Attachments include further information on the property.

Questions regarding the RFP may be submitted in writing to the Procurement Department. In order to provide prompt answers to questions, the City requests that all proposers submit written questions to the City of Springfield’s, Department of Procurement not later than 4:00 p.m. January 9, 2019. Questions may be faxed or emailed. The Procurement Department’s fax number is (413) 787-6295 or email Lauren Stabilo . The City will compile written answers which will be mailed to all Proposers who requested a copy of the RFP, no later than January 11, 2019.

To maintain a fair and impartial competitive process, the Chief Procurement Officer will only answer written questions.

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