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19-071 - RFP: Redevelopment of Walnut & Union Street Parcels

End date: Friday January 18, 2019 at 2 p.m.

The City of Springfield is requesting proposals for the redevelopment of the properties known as Walnut Street and Union Street. The three parcels are located in the Old Hill Neighborhood and are all three distinctive lots that total 25,603 square feet. The parcels were acquired by the City of Springfield by way of tax title in 2008.

NS Walnut Street # 11952 – 0204
SS Union Street # 11750 - 0249
SS Union Street # 11750 – 0248The City’s goal is that any development be compatible with the character of Springfield and enhance the positive qualities of its neighborhoods It is a further goal that proposals for the property be economically viable and demonstrate an ability to generate activity in the Old Hill Neighborhood and further benefit the greater Springfield community.

The three properties are being offered as one site and subject to the process outlined within this RFP and the City reserves the right to reject any or all redevelopment proposals. While all information furnished herein was gathered from sources deemed to be reliable, no representation or warranty is made as to the accuracy or completeness.


The site is located in the Old Hill Neighborhood. Although the section of the neighborhood where the property is located is primarily commercial, the area has a mix of commercial and residential uses. The Old Hill location is located within easy access to Interstate 91, Interstate 291 and the Mass Pike which is also within a short driving distance from the Walnut & Union Streets site.

The private sector has invested heavily in this area which has revitalized significant portions of this community. The site is within one (1) mile or a 7 minute drive to Springfield’s Metro area which houses many of City’s cultural amenities. These amenities include Symphony Hall, City Stage, the Library & Museums at the Quadrangle and the MassMutual Center. One of the primary commercial corridors of the City runs along Main Street to the north and south. The Main Street corridor is characterized by numerous small stores, shopping centers and office buildings.

Given the location of the Walnut and Union Street parcels in the Old Hill Neighborhood and its proximity to Springfield’s numerous assets, the City believes that this site offers a unique opportunity for redevelopment.


The City of Springfield is soliciting proposals from developers interested in undertaking a development project. The Request for Proposals (RFP) has been developed to permit maximum flexibility to potential developers.

Developers are requested to provide their own development concept plan(s) consistent with surrounding land uses. Proposals may also contain an analysis of the method in which the proposer will soften the impacts upon transportation, utilities, the environment, etc. caused by the proposed project.

The City will only consider bids that include all three parcels and the bidder should explain in detail the reason should bids be less than the assessed values. Proposers are encouraged to make their best financial offer. The combined assessed value for the three (3) parcels is $55,100.

Receiving Bid Documents

To receive a copy of the submission package, interested developers should contact Lauren Stabilo, Chief Procurement Officer, Office of Procurement, 36 Court Street, Room 307, Springfield MA 01103, or call 413-787-6284.

Submission Deadline



The submission package proposal must be submitted as follows:

All hard copies of the proposal should be delivered to Lauren Stabilo, Chief Procurement Officer, Office of Procurement, 36 Court Street, Room 307, Springfield, MA 01103

Failure to submit hard copies to the Procurement Office may deem your proposal unresponsive.

One (1) original proposal sent and five (5) bound copies of the proposal must be submitted in sealed envelopes to the Office of Procurement, 36 Court Street, Room 307, Springfield, MA 01103 Attn: Lauren Stabilo, Chief Procurement Officer

Submitting questions to the Procurement Office

In order to provide prompt answers to questions, the Chief Procurement Officer requests that all proposers submit written questions to the Office of Procurement at City Hall, not later than December 12, 2018 Questions may be faxed or emailed. The Office of Procurement fax number is (413) 787-6295. The Procurement Office will compile written answers which will be emailed back to all Proposers who requested a copy of the RFP by close of business on December 14, 2018.

To maintain a fair and impartial competitive process, the Chief Procurement Officer can only answer written questions. Please avoid private communication with any RFP Committee member from the release date through the selection of Preferred Developer. Proposers who initiate private communication or attempt to violate the process outlined herein may be disqualified.

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