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19-005 - Invitation for Bids: Cultural District Public Art Program

End date: Tuesday July 31, 2018 at 2 p.m.

The City of Springfield is requesting Bids for public art installations in the Springfield Cultural District. The project is being funded through the City’s annual allocation of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, and as such all projects and recipients will be required to be compliant with all Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) regulations as it relates to the CDBG Program.

The City of Springfield is calling for Springfield-themed proposals by an artist or artist-led team for a commissioned, site-specific, permanent art installation. The theme should be inspirational and positive in nature and reflect a Springfield inspired theme. The goal of proposal should be public art that becomes a “place maker”, pieces that are easily identifiable as linked with Springfield.

The work will be installed on any element(s) of the streetscape within the Springfield Central Cultural District (map attached), or viewable from the Springfield Central Cultural District. The successful proposal will include details of the design, fabrication, and installation of artwork at the site. Submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee of site stakeholders and arts professionals, and the selection process will conclude with recommendations from the selection committee and final approval by the Mayor.

Springfield is currently in the midst of an unprecedented amount of investment including the development of a $950 million MGM Springfield mixed use entertainment complex, the completion of the restoration of Union Station which includes commuter rail to Hartford, New Haven, and beyond, and the new Dr. Seuss Museum on the grounds of the Springfield Museums. The City is also planning a significant redevelopment of the Worthington Street area downtown that would include a redeveloped Stearns Square Park, and the attraction of new restaurants as a “Dining District” and new destinations in the district.

Proposers should consider creating works that will maximize viewing and positive impact considering these new developments.


The City has committed this funding via its annual allocation of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

The City is a core partner of the Springfield Central Cultural District. The mission of the Springfield Cultural District is to bring more vitality to the City by highlighting its outstanding cultural offerings and adding new creative opportunities for artists and the greater community. The district aims to make art and culture in Springfield not only more accessible, but to create connections between artists, cultural landmarks, and visitors.

Site Details

The City will accept Bids for publicly viewable art installations within the Springfield Central Cultural District boundaries, provided in the appendix. Bids must be located within this district.

The goal of the project is to make a memorable positive statement about Springfield. Bids should consider maximum visibility, beautification of its immediate surroundings; excite public interest in Springfield, and to inspire City pride.

Bids are required to include a letter of support/approval from the subject property landowner if proposal impacts private property. Bids on public property will be reviewed as submitted by appropriate City personnel.


The City plans to make multiple awards in this program, likely ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. The program has $20,000 in total from which to make awards.

Proposers must include a clear budget including ALL costs, and clearly state request amount for City funding. Proposers that show committed match funding of other sources are encouraged.

City funding provided would be related to project costs including, but not limited to, artist fee, installation costs, materials, engineering and design expenses (if needed), shipping, and travel and accommodation expenses. Artists are required to include a proposed, detailed project budget that outlines how the project funds will be spent, total project costs, and any additional project sources. Projects that leverage additional funding sources to contribute to the project budget will be considered favorably.

Projects that include on-site construction activity may be subject to HUD Davis-Bacon wage rate requirements.


The City will consider Bids of all mediums – paint, structure, visual, projection, electronic, sound, etc. Proposers should confirm project will not violate any existing city, state, or federal law or regulation prior to submitting.

Bids should include the following:

• Location of Project (Street Address and existing condition photos)
• Qualifications & resume of the Proposer/team;
• Project schedule
• Artist statement and detailed description of proposed installation (2-page max; 8.5”x11”)
• Visual mock-up of proposal, such as illustrations, video, digital models, sketches, or images
• Up to five (5) additional images that represent previous public art/art in public spaces project experience
• Proposed budget (including any other additional sources)
• Three (3) references who can describe your experience with public art projects, art in public spaces, or experience with contractors, construction, and fabrication
• Required procurement forms

Special Requirements

• A City seal or some equal commemoration of the City's sponsorship of this project must be included as part of the art installation.
• Completed projects must be durable, withstanding the elements and time.
• Installed art must not impede pedestrian accessibility, contain elements that noticeably project into pedestrian traffic, or create “snags” in which people and/or equipment could become entangled.
• If display area is private property, proposal must include documentation from subject property owner of approval of proposal, and agreement for a minimum display time of one year from installation.

The City of Springfield supports the goal of twenty percent minority and women participation in all contracts. No questions will be answered unless received by the Chief Procurement Officer at least 7 days prior to the expiration of the time set for submitting bids or proposals. The Chief Procurement Officer reserves the right to waive any informality in and to reject any or all bids if it is in the public interest to do so.

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