Six Corners Intersection Improvements

The current concept for the Six Corners project resulted from the neighborhood working with local students. The concept was developed over the course of several neighborhood and public meetings. The Six Corners intersection became a focus due to its unusual configuration and significant accident history, which placed it on the list of the top crash sites in the region. The preferred design was a roundabout and due to a fully funded State grant the project will move forward.

 The proposed roundabout will include aesthetic improvements to the intersection, improved safety for both pedestrians and motorists, reduced waiting times for traffic, simplification of the difficult geometry of the current intersection, as well as eliminating the cost of maintaining traffic signals. The roundabout also offers the potential for unique landscaping of center island/roadway to the neighborhood. The design was submitted for MassWorks construction funding and awarded funding in 2015.

Construction began in May of 2019 and is expected to continue until November of 2020. Vehicular motorists are advised to use caution or seek alternate routes while the intersection remains under construction.

Six Corners Truck Detour

New Traffic plan for Six Corners Starting July 6th

DPW Weekly Roadway Construction Updates

Week of July 13, 2020

Bulat St. from Fernbank St. to S’ly, E’ly, N’ly to Fernbank St. – Utility work

Cooley St. from Parker St. to Allen St. (371 Cooley St) – Utility work and milling

Kent Rd. from Boston Rd. to Fernbank St. – Utility work and milling

Rhinebeck Ave. from Wilbraham Rd. to Quentin St. – Utility work

Senator St. from Wilbraham Rd to Mallowhill Rd. – Utility work

Waterford Circle from Kent Rd. to E’ly 225’ – Utility work

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