Waste Collections

Collection Day Instructions


For all municipal collection services listed below, items should be placed at curbside no earlier than sunset of the day prior to collection but no later than 6:30 am of the collection day. Containers and uncollected wastes must be removed from curbside no later than midnight of the collection day.

Enforcement: Housing Code Enforcement, 311 

Information: Department of Public Works, 311

$50 Ticket

Trash Pickup Violation


Rubbish must be placed in automated collection containers. Leaves or yard waste must be recycled.

$50 ticket

Recycling Collection Violation


Rinse and place in approved recycling receptacles: aluminum foil and tray; unbroken glass bottles and jars; tin cans and lids; uncapped plastic bottles coded 1 through 7; plastic tubs, cups, jars; and flattened milk and juice containers. Clean newspapers, magazines, catalogues, brown paper bags, white paper, computer paper, telephone books, junk mail, paperback books, and flattened corrugated cardboard must be bound or placed in paper bags.

Report call 311

$50 ticket

Leaves and Yard Waste Collection


Place leaves, grass, hedge clippings, garden wastes, and small twigs loosely in barrels or in approved paper leaf bags (no plastic bags). Other trash must not be mixed in. Yard waste collections occur on your recycling day from April through December. Call DPW or 311 for exact pick up date.

$50 ticket

City Bulk Collection


The city collects large items from residents such as furniture and appliances. Doors must be removed from refrigerators prior to being placed at curbside.

You must call the DPW at 311 for an appointment. There is a limit of five items per appointment. (Call for an appointment today!) You must affix a sticker(s) that can be purchased at Big Y courtesy booths. Place items out no earlier than evening before pick up.

Report 311

$50 ticket

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