Draft Amendments to City Ordinances

Community Police Hearing Board Annual Review: Preliminary Status Report
McDevitt Report  - Consultant Review/Recommendations of Oversight Models
Buracker Report - A Management Study of the Springfield Police Department - Executive Summary

Minutes - Police Oversight Committee, December 15, 2010
Minutes - Police Oversight Committee, December 09, 2010
Minutes - Police Oversight Committee, December 01, 2010
Minutes - Police Oversight Committee, November 18, 2010
<link fileadmin uploads media civilian_police_oversight_commission_by_ferrara_2010.pdf download file>
Draft Ordinance, Civilian_Police_Oversight_Commission_-_Ferrara
<link fileadmin uploads media draft_ordinance_community_police_review_board.pdf _blank>Draft_Ordinance, Community_Police_Review_Board - Allen, Twiggs, Ashe
<link fileadmin uploads media ordinance_community_police_review_board-rooke.pdf _blank>Draft Ordinance_Community_Police_Review_Board - Rooke

Please be advised that the Police Hearing Board Ordinances/Civilian Review Board Ordinance listed above are in draft form and are NOT legally binding documents.

The purpose of placing these Ordinances online is to give citizens and residents of Springfield an opportunity to provide feedback to the City Councilors on these Ordinances.

Please feel free to ANONYMOUSLY submit any recommendations that you feel would help improve any of the Ordinances.  Please be sure to specify which Ordinance you’re making your recommendations to.  When making your recommendations please reference the section number.

In addition to online feedback the City Council Public Health & Safety Committee and the Civil Rights and Race Relations Committee will be holding 4 meetings throughout the City in a similar fashion to the School Committees district representation.

In other words there will be one meeting for Wards 1 & 3, one meeting for Wards 4 & 5, one meeting Wards 6 & 7 and one meeting for Wards 2 & 8.  These meetings will be posted on then City’s website as soon as they are scheduled.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the City Councilors

Send your Feedback on this Draft

The City Council welcomes your feedback. Please feel free to anonymously submit any recommendations that you feel would help improve the Ordinance.

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