Major Crimes Unit

The Criminal Investigation Bureau, led by Capt. Trent Duda, includes Homicide and Robbery, B&E Larceny, and the Arson & Bomb Squads, the Auto Theft, the I.D. Unit, and the Photo Lab, Task Force, and Property Division.

Homicide and Robbery Squad
Homicide and Robbery investigates threats, assaults, robberies, kidnappings, unattended deaths, and murders as well as other crimes against persons.

B&E /Larceny Squad
The B&E/Larceny Squad investigates Breaking and Entering into homes and businesses, as well as all types of Larcenies, and Malicious damage complaints. Additionally, they investigate other crimes against property.

Arson / Bomb Squad
The Arson/ Bomb Squad is comprised of 2 Springfield police officers and 5 Springfield fire fighters. There are currently 5 certified bomb technicians. The Squad is trained to respond to and remove most any type of explosive mechanism. They train continually and work closely with the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad, the FBI Bomb Squad, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the U.S. Department of Defense, the United States Secret Service, and the State Fire Marshall's office. The Squad is equipped with a bomb disposal unit and an electronic robot to assist them with their duties. They provided mutual aid to many municipalities in Western Massachusetts. They are also tasked with investigating the cause of all fires in the City of Springfield. The Unit is highly trained and has vast experience in dealing with the origins of fires. The unit uses an accelerate detecting K-9 named "Dakota" to help them with their investigations. Fire Lieutenant John Friberg is the fire department supervisor.

Auto Theft Unit
The Auto Theft Unit investigates stolen motor vehicles, B&E's into, and larcenies from motor vehicles, as well as malicious damage to motor vehicles. Officers in the unit work closely with the Massachusetts State Police Auto Theft Unit.

Identification Unit
The I.D. Unit is tasked with fingerprint classification of arrested persons, processing of crime scenes for fingerprints, DNA, trace evidence, and other physical evidence. The unit does extensive work at crime scenes and work closely with the Massachusetts Crime Scene Services Unit.

Photo Lab
The Photo Lab is responsible for the fingerprints and mug shots of arrested persons. They also respond to crime scenes and document them using still photography. Digital photographs are currently being used in conjunction with traditional 35mm black and white, and color Polaroid photography. The Photo Lab is also tasked with developing and printing mug shots and crime scene photographs for court purposes. The Photo Lab personnel are also commissioned to process applicants for firearms licenses, police candidates, taxi cab drivers, special police officer candidates, and immigration to name only a few. The Photo Lab personnel are some of the busiest in the department.

Task Force:
The Task Force involves several officers who are assigned to regional Federal and State Task Forces. Because criminals do not respect any geographical boundaries, it became necessary to form State and Federal Task forces whose personnel were deputized and empowered to make arrests and conduct investigations in several neighboring jurisdictions. Currently, there are SPD officers participating as members of Task Forces dealing with Organized Crime, Street Gangs, Russian Organized Crime, and with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms on gun cases. There are other SPD officers assigned to the Narcotics Bureau who participate in regional Drug Task forces.

Property Division
The Property Division is responsible for cataloging and storing every pieces of property that comes into the custody of the Springfield Police Department. The unit holds secure property until it is disposed of by Court Order, by Statute, or until it can be returned to the lawful owner. The Unit contracts on a semi-annual basis with a local auctioneer to auction off surplus property. Traditionally, the bulk of these auction items are made up of bicycles and smaller lots of tools, electronics, jewelry and other recreational equipment.
For the date and time of the next property auction call 413-787-6339 for more information.

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to learn what you can do to support the community, contact Capt. Dillon or call 787-6355

In case of emergency, dial 911

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