The SPD looks to residents to help support them in solving and resolving crime issues.  Local police departments need your help solving crimes. Now you can help them by doing something many people do anyway: texting.

Texting has become the number one form of communication for teens, adults and even some elderly. Whether it's simply to say 'hi,' or to set up appointments, texting is a fast way to send and receive information. Now, area police want you to text them.

"Texting has taken over the country, and we think we can appeal the people to help us, " said the Springfield Police Commissioner.

The Text-A-Tip initiative will help police in Springfield and across Hampden County get the leads they need to crack cases and hopefully end gang violence.

Here's how it works. If you have information police should know, text the word CRIMES. After that, type the world SOLVE and then type the information. Lastly, press send.

"The person will be anonymous. That's because the text goes to Canada, then back to the Sheriff's office in Hampden County, and then local agencies will take the information, " the Commissioner explained.

Text a tip is already being used in police departments in Pittsfield, Boston and Cambridge. They've seen tremendous results. Police in Hampden County hope they'll see the same. (Story by Liz Tufts, CBS3 News, Springfield, MA)

Cellphone Users

iOS/iPhone: click to Text-a-Tip

Android phone: click to Text-a-Tip

To send an anonymous crime tip from any text-enabled phone:
TO: CRIMES (274637)
Type in your crime tip, and be sure to include the city/town in which in the information is relevant

Submit a Tip via Web


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