December 2016 Springfield Union Station Photos

December 2016 - General Site Views

Overview of the exterior of the terminal building west elevation

Workers plasters the main entrance vestibule ceiling

New front doors are installed

Overview of the Main Concourse

Workers cover the refurbished Terrazzo floor

View of the historic octagon lights

Workers install a new counter in the Flex Space

Overview of Corridor 138

Workers install new carpet tiles in the PVTA Customer Service Office

Overview of the Bus Waiting Areas

Workers install new wall tile at the tunnel’s elevator machine room

Workers install new floor tiles in the tunnel

Overview of site from the terminal building roof

Overview of the Employee Parking Lot

Electronic signage in progress

Traffic signage is completed

Metal panel support completion at the east and north elevations of the parking garage

Metal panel support installation in progress at the west elevation of the garage

Close-up of the panel support installation

New signage has been installed in the parking garage.

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