August 2016 Springfield Union Station Photos

August 2016 - General Site Views

Workers install the first section of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

Wood blocking is applied to the walls and drywall has begun

Workers build the elevator pit in the tunnel

The terrazzo flooring is being repaired and restored

Workers paint and install VCT in the Tele/Data Room

The Tele/Data Room is being outfitted

A new bike rack has been installed

Electricians begin to install the new light poles

The concrete busway is complete

Workers install new granite curbing at the Dwight Street entrance

Workers install CMU block around the elevator doors

The Security Room is near completion

Brick is removed from the Platform C head house

Workers remove the head house concrete wall that was behind the brick

The asphalt around the head house is removed

A crane is needed to remove the head house debris

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