June 2016 Springfield Union Station Photos

June 2016 - General Site Views

Overview of the site

Workers add wood blocking to the ceiling and walls for future plaster moldings

Tile work begins in the 2nd floor restrooms

An electrician wires up the new meter cabinets

Workers frame the walls of the tunnel

A carpenter installs sheet rock in stairway 2

Workers continue to install new sidewalks

A new sidewalk is installed under the walkway canopy

The curtain wall frame at the east elevation is near completion

Workers continue installing conduits for lighting, power, fire alarm and CCTV.

Installation of roof panels for the island canopy is complete

The roof for the walkway canopy is near completion

Workers waterproof the tunnel between platforms C and D

Workers install new concrete walls for platforms C and D

Workers re-grade over the waterproofed tunnel

The Shoo-fly track installation is almost complete

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