May 2016 Springfield Union Station Photos

May 2016 - General Site Views

Workers begin to frame the concourse ceiling

Workers frame and sheetrock the new elevator shafts

The concourse arches have been framed

The 2nd and 3rd floor restrooms are framed and sheetrocked

Workers continue to install new granite curbing

Preparation for the new sidewalks has begun


The curtain wall at the west elevation is near completion

The east curtain wall has begun and the railing for stair 1 and 2 are complete

Workers install CMU blocks for the new electric, security and storage rooms

Workers install new electric panels in the electric room

Installation of roof panels for the island canopy has begun

The steel for the walkway canopy is complete

New concrete has been placed adjacent to the top of the tunnel

Phase 1 tunnel is waterproofed and the Shoo-fly track grading has begun


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