November 2015 Springfield Union Station Photos

November 2015 - General Site Views

New communications lines are being installed to the new parking garage under the busway.

View of the busway from a 3rd floor window shows the column bases for the island canopy and the bases near the retaining wall show where the canopy will be installed from the Terminal Building to Main Street. The parking garage foundation is also shown to the rear of the photograph.

The electrical, street lighting, and communications conduits are continuing to be installed beneath the busway area. The conduits will be encased in concrete to protect them from damages.

Roadway excavation on Frank B. Murray Street to subgrade, water valves slow the progress

The fire hydrant indicates how much the grade must be raised from the foundation to get to the tree belt elevation. The foundation for the parking garage is in the background.

The excavation to subgrade on Frank B. Murray Street at Main Street is taking place while the obsolete electric vault is being removed by EverSource.

The new dense grade base course is being installed at the intersection between Frank B. Murray Street and the new Liberty Street Connector.

The sun sets on the new dense graded base course on Frank B. Murray Street.

Dense graded base on Frank B. Murray will soon get a 5 inch asphalt binder mix layer as part of the roadway cross section.

Dense graded base is being installed on the Liberty Street Connector.

Asphalt binder has been placed on Frank B. Murray Street and the Liberty Street Connector. The curves in the pavement are beginning to show the locations of the PVTA bus stops.

View of the intersection between Frank B. Murray Street and the Liberty Street Connector.

The cast in place concrete work is complete as far as can be until the precast work is completed. Backfill of urban fill beneath the parking garage is accomplished.

On November 4th the sample panel for the exterior finishes for the parking garage arrived on site. The reddish aggregate color with the various amounts of sand blasting provide different finishes which will be combined to obtain a pleasant architectural appearance.

The reinforcing protruding from the parking garage column foundations along the south side of the parking garage will carry the canopy over a sidewalk that will extend from Main Street to the Terminal Building. A lawn area will extend from the sidewalk to the granite retaining wall.

Demolition of head houses and closure of openings has begun.

This view of the rail yard shows where demolition of head house is taking place.

View of canopies in the rail yard indicate that they are in desperate need of repairs.

Hydraulic staging is being utilized while the masonry work is taking place on the west side of the Terminal Building.

Cleaning of the masonry exterior of the Terminal Building brings back the clear, sharp lines if the limestone in contrast with the existing, repaired brickwork.

An old war-horse is glowing and coming back to life.

The Terminal Building is being brought up to current earthquake Codes by adding many structural connections to the steel structure, masonry and parapets.

New insulation is being sprayed on the irregular walls to increase energy efficiency which will reduce heating and cooling operating costs.

The temporary windows that were removed for the summer have been re-installed to allow work to continue inside until the roof is completed and the new windows arrive and get installed.

Structural framework (dunnage) is being installed which will support the mechanical equipment to be installed on the roof. The dunnage must be installed before the new roof can be completely installed.

New roofing has begun with the installation of the flashing on the parapets.

The new structural connections to the parapet walls meets the Earthquake Code and has been installed.

New elevator shafts are being installed in the Terminal Building and also in the parking garage and the tunnel to Lyman Street and access to Amtrak platforms.

View of the new windows from Dwight St.

A closer view of the newly installed windows.

Just before Thanksgiving the first truckload of new windows arrived on site.

This is a view of the retaining wall and a new layer of pavement, on what will be the busway.

Work is underway on re-roofing the Terminal Building.

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