October 2015 Springfield Union Station Photos

October 2015 - General Site Views

Adding new beam to support the balance of the vehicle barrier

Beam in place and concrete reinforcing installed

Canopy bases along the retaining wall which lead to the Terminal Building. The retaining wall will be clad during the winter and there will be a sidewalk constructed next summer

Electric conduit being installed under the future pavement

View of the bus way with the parking garage to the rear and Frank B. Murray Street to the right

View of the bus way with the retaining wall and railroad to the left.

At the beginning of the month, an underground storage tank was discovered in the middle of the new Liberty Street Connector

The tank was properly permitted for removal and was excavated and sent for proper disposal

Once the PVC conduits are installed they are encased in concrete. The duct banks are then backfilled so that the roadwork can continue.

The PVC conduits under the roadway has reinforcing added for strength under pavements.

The Liberty Street Connector is being excavated to subgrade, compacted and then ready for the aggregate base to be installed

Local electrical contractors work to install the electrical and communications conduits within the roadway

A complicated, intertwined electrical and communications system is put together before the concrete can be placed

EverSource Electric Co. works to de-energize for removal of an old and obsolete electric vault which will allow the width of Frank B. Murray Street to be increased to accommodate buses

Once EverSource removes the equipment and frame

Removing all soils to the subgrade level

View of conduits before concrete is placed

Conduits lead in all directions

New aggregate base being installed in front of Terminal Building

Columbia Gas installing new gas line along the south side of Frank B Murray Street as base material is installed on north side of street

Aggregate base being installed on north side of Frank B Murray Street

View from above, new base partially installed in front of Terminal building

Contractor placing concrete and working on more forms for the last sections of the Parking Garage

Reinforcing protrudes from the from the concrete to be embedded in the next wall

The plumbing for the drainage systems are being installed below the foundation and will connect to the precast pieces once they are installed

The electrical conduits have been installed, covered with concrete, backfilled and will ultimately provide power to the parking garage for lighting and communications

The forms are being removed and the pile caps and grade beams will be backfilled

Mechanical and electric room foundations are becoming apparent

A contractor works on removing the concrete forms around a pile cap

Pile caps with grade beam connect to support the parking garage. The bolts in the pile caps must be precise to fit the precast panels once delivered

A view of the scattered work for completing the cast in place concrete work

Drainage lines snake beneath the foundation and follow the wall line

Here, plumbing work appears to to be going "nowhere" but a new grade beam will be constructed.

An early morning photograph shows the foundation walls completely backfilled and ready for the next step, erecting the precast parking garage in December

The last piping is installed and the area will be backfilled to the elevation of the waterproofing


Stairways to the head houses are being closed off and the top waterproofed to protect the tunnel to Lyman Street

Two stairways will be closed permanently while one gets refurbished along with a new elevator.

The head houses to be sealed are in poor condition

The 2 of the 4 head houses no longer meet current standards and will be demolished and sealed. A third head house will be renovated and brought up to current standards

The head houses cover the stairways which rise from the tunnel to the rail level

The entrance canopy has been cleaned, primed and protected from further corrosion

The parapets around the roof have been meticulously demolished, the brick face was salvaged, cleaned and reused, the backing was built new with masonry blocks and built to hold the parapets in place due to new earthquake standards..

The roof is littered with the original caps for the parapet wall which will be put back in place on the wall once ready

The caps for the light wells have been installed and there will be additional anchors installed.

Caps and brickwork are being cleaned

Inside the Terminal Building additional work is being accomplished, the second floor exposed steel columns have been sprayed with fireproofing

On the west wall a piece of the coping was missing and has to be replaced, masonry contractor is installing the masonry block back wall and will soon replace the missing piece

Metal studs have been erected as the framework for the new bathrooms that will be constructed on the second floor.

Inside the light wells the masonry has been repaired and the scaffolding is being removed.

Not only does the roof parapet require earth quake protection, the entire building will undergo structural repairs.

Once the parapet is demolished, it then is rebuilt, it then has flashing installed and finally the original caps are reinstalled

The parapets on the roof are structurally reinforced due to building code requirements for safety.

The metal stud base plate indicates the location of the new restrooms.

With the staging removed the repairs to the brick work on the south side become more evident, and the Terminal Building begins to look like it did many years ago.

Contractor readying the area to install the pile caps where the new elevators are to be constructed .

Electrical and communication conduits are ready to be installed into the new Terminal Building.

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