September 2015 Springfield Union Station Photos

September 2015 - General Site Views

Inside the concourse with the tunnel sealed off for lead paint removal

Fire treated wood framing is being installed around windows to attach the new windows once they arrive

Special staging is being used to allow the outside masonry work and reconstruction of the parapets

Other masonry repointing is performed with man-lifts

Inside west light tower after repairs and staging is remover

Parapet wall along the south wall and light towers has been completed

Work continues to rebuild parapet wall along the north and east elevations

Outside of parapet is reconstructed with salvaged brick from the original baggage building and original cap stone have also been reused. New stainless steel flashings have been installed.


Rebuilt parapets brick replacements and repointed brick bring the original appearance back to the Terminal Building

Inside the Terminal Building mini-piles had to be installed to support the new elevators

The large bridge beams in the tunnel that support the train tracks above have been water-blasted to remove the old lead paint, inspected and repainted

Columns on third and fourth floors have been wrapped with steel mesh to accept a fireproofing spray

As they strip away the forms for the first concrete placement of the foundation for the parking garage another crew begins to form for the next concrete placement

The center wall is being formed along with grade beams which connect the concrete pile caps

Reinforcing steel which will be installed in the concrete foundation

After work hours, engineers must check location and accuracy of embedded bolts to insure a match with the precast panels built in the shop

Work area is quiet at the end of a day

Reinforcing bars protrude from a pile cap so they can be connected with the grade beams

PIFs will be cut to grade level and then the pile cap will be constructed

Preparing for the second concrete placement

Installing concrete forms and reinforcing steel for parking garage foundation

Placing concrete in grade beams along the southerly wall

Once the forms are removed from the concrete the area can be backfilled and compacted and ready for other utilities to be installed

Once backfilled it is easier to move about the site

This view eventually will have a sidewalk with canopy from Main Street to the Terminal Building and a small grass area

At the beginning of the month the foundations for the canopy for the new PVTA Island were being constructed

Storm drain pipes which will be installed to connect catch basins, manholes a special water quality units which reduce and collect suspended soils and oils to prevent discharge to the Connecticut River

The first step in the supports for the canopies is the foundation. Reinforcing has already been installed and the reinforcing for the piers is embedded in the foundation.


A Springfield resident takes time at lunchtime to explain the forms being placed around the reinforcing for the piers for the canopy on the island


The vehicle barrier is in place and will be continued once the new beam and slab are installed

The row of reinforcing is for the piers which will support the canopy along the retaining wall

This row of reinforcing will support the Island Canopies

Canopy piers shown on the left and catch basin and manholes ready to be installed

Busway littered with materials to be installed

Vehicle barrier and canopy foundations are nearly complete

A Springfield resident takes pride in forming the piers for the new canopy system

The bolts to attach the canopies must be meticulously and precisely installed

Large concrete vaults are being installed to organize the electric and security wires for the project

While excavating the ground for construction anything can encountered such as this unknown large block of concrete at the location of a new storm drain manhole for the Liberty Street Connector

Foundations for bus stop shelters are beginning to be installed

New catchbasins and manholes are being constructed on Frank B. Murray Street

The stairs and the head-house for track 1 and 2 will be demolished and sealed to prevent moisture from entering the tunnel

Currently, some stairways and structure are in disrepair

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