August 2015 Springfield Union Station Photos

August 2015 - General Site Views

The Terminal Building had many old window sills that were broken and needed to be replaced.

The inside of the building required new lintels above the windows and masonry blocking around the window openings to fasten the new fire treated framing supports for the new windows.

Many locations on the outside brickwork required repairs due to past water damage.

The contractor is busy repairing the exterior of the south side and window wells brick work by cutting out old mortar and broken bricks and replacing with salvaged bricks and new mortar.

The temporary windows have been removed to allow the masons and carpenters to perform their repair work.

The front of the Terminal Building with the temporary windows removed appears barren and empty.

The contractor has begun performing masonry repairs on the east side of the Terminal Building along Dwight Street.

Inside look at the new fire rated window framing.

Terminal building showing new blocking.

The window frames are being installed on the third floor windows.

The brickwork being accomplished on the south side/ rail side is continuing.

The some of the parapets have been reconstructed and the flashing added as shown. The cap stones are lying on the roof and will soon be put in place.

The flashing has been installed on other parts of the parapet as well.

The parapet shown has been restored and has new flashing and soon will also have the capstones installed.

Capstones placed on roof are soon to be installed.

Early in August the contractors began installing the forms for the cast in place (CIP) pile caps and grade beams which will support the parking garage.

The middle foundation line of the parking garage is being formed to receive concrete.

Once the middle line of the foundation is completed these PIFs will be excavated, formed and be an additional part of the foundation of the parking garage.

Workers continue to install forms for the parking garage foundation.

More reinforcing is being added to the parking garage forms.

Looking down the center of the with some of the reinforcing for the parking garage installed.

View looking northwest from the Arch.

Additional reinforcing has been installed for the parking garage and the locking pins for the precast panels are now installed.

The locking pins for the precast panels have to be installed very precise to insure that the precast will fit properly.

The reinforcing is in and inspected and the forms are now ready to be filled with concrete.

Contractor continues to install reinforcing for the pile caps and grade beams in the middle of the parking garage.

Reinforcing extends out from the forms so that they may be attached in the next section of concrete placement. They are painted for safety so they can be seen.

The reinforcing must all be inspected to insure its placement and size match the approved design.

The design and layout of the reinforcing is extremely complex and very intricate.

On August 28, early morning, the first concrete was placed for the parking garage, two pump trucks were required.

Concrete for the parking garage being placed.

Concrete trucks were lined up and waiting to unload to the pumper truck.

Sometimes concrete trucks were unloading side by side.

Sometimes they were pumping concrete on opposite sides.

The concrete was vibrated into the forms and around the reinforcing filling up a little at a time.

The pumps crossed each other as if they knitting yarn.

A look down the middle of the parking garage after concrete has been placed

Working with the concrete is difficult and dirty.

Working with the concrete takes team work.

The beginning of the month started with the excavation of the existing 24 inch storm drain to install new drainage manholes.

The contractors are removing sidewalk on Main Street to install a new electric vault which will replace the old vault in Frank B. Murray Street.

An early August view from the third floor of the Terminal Building shows the location for the new Liberty Street Connector. Materials get stored there until required somewhere else.

An early August view of Frank B. Murray Street looking toward Main Street from the third floor of the Terminal Building.

The new electric vault is being placed in the sidewalk of Main Street.

The new electric vault is in place, conduits have been installed to new manholes.

New drainage piping must thread through the maze of existing utilities in the street.

A view of a part of the drainage system in Frank B. Murray Street in front of the Terminal Building.

Contractors installed the forms for the concrete vehicle barrier that will be installed above the retaining wall and new sidewalk, paneling and canopies constructed below.

The vehicle barrier will span the entire retaining wall, concrete forms are being installed.

The reinforcing steel is being installed in the new vehicle barrier on top of the retaining wall. Contractor must wear a safety line while working on top of the retaining wall.

Contractor is working to install the reinforcing for the vehicle barrier. The reinforcing is drilled and epoxy seal into the top of the retaining wall. The cable and concrete barrier provide the necessary safety line for the workers.

Once installed the reinforcing bars are adjusted for height.

The new lintels above the windows and the masonry work to fill the voids in the tile are required preparation for new window installation.

The Busway in early August is beginning to fill up with materials to be installed underground.

Contractors are beginning to set forms for the footings.

Forms have been removed from the vehicle barrier on top of the retaining wall.

Installation of reinforcing is nearly complete.

Drilling, installing reinforcing with epoxy grout, is a tedious job on a hot summer day.

As the month continues the area gets more and more active. The forms are being installed in the six foundations for the canopies and island for the PVTA buses.

Forms have been removed and the footings exposed, next step is the column support.

View of busway with material stored.

The site gets more and more congested with materials and work, the parking garage is to the rear of the photograph, the PVTA island canopy footings are on the right and the drainage materials are in the middle and on the left of the photograph.

The concrete part of the vehicle barrier is nearly complete.

The forms and reinforcing are being installed for the canopies along the retaining wall.

The forms have been removed from the vehicle barrier and temporary safety rails have been installed.

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