May 2015 Springfield Union Station Photos

May 2015 - General Site Views

Taken early in May, this shows the parking garage site, the retaining wall, and the Terminal Building. The railroad head-house and Amtrak terminal are to the right of the State office building.

Looking from the railroad side of the Terminal Building across a portion of the open air bus terminal, this is the crane to be used for the installation of the footings for the parking garage.

This photograph is looking west at the rear of the Terminal building. The canopy has been removed and the existing communication trench cleaned and will be filled with concrete.

A view behind the terminal building. A temporary new rail line is proposed on the right side of this area to be used during waterproofing of the tunnel.

The work has continued inside the Terminal Building filling holes in floors that had embedded walls and counters, and where vaults were removed. This is the site of future PVTA offices.

This will be the first floor retail area.

On May 1st, the crane to begin the installation of the Pressure Injected Footings (PIFs). Here the working platform is complete and awaiting approvals and materials delivery to get started.

First PIF being installed. The process involves forcing dry concrete into the ground to consolidate the soil beneath and around a 21 inch pipe until a specific resistance is achieved and then forcing or pounding additional dry concrete into the hole.

The PIF is being filled with concrete as the pilot tube is being removed. The men on the rig are safely secured with harnesses attached twice to the steel frame while they perform their work.

Concrete is being lifted to be placed inside the pilot tube.

Testing must be accomplished to insure that the PIF will provide the necessary design loading. Subcontractor staff are preparing the test platform.

The crane is required to lift the test platform and put it in place.

The test structure gets very large. All of the concrete and steel in the photograph and more must be used as counter weight. The test must be conducted with 250 tons of pressure to insure the PIF is acceptable.

This photograph was taken on May 18th when an existing pile of soil located in the middle of the site was being moved. Next to it, you can still see snow. Soon the site will have the subgrade prepared, excavated for underground utilities, storm drainage, water and sewer lines installed and ultimately pavement.

This photograph is looking west past the terminal building at patch of roadway that indicates where the new water line was installed beneath Frank B Murray Street.

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