March 2015 Springfield Union Station Photos

March 2015 - General Site Views

March began with mountains of snow everywhere on the work site.

The middle of March was much better for the melting of the snow but brought us into the muddy season.

On the 20th of March, more snow arrived.

The yellow wall is where the temporary protection of the Terminal Building for the west wall has been constructed. The selective demolition contractor continues to work inside and removes debris through the wall.

Inside the Terminal Building, clearing work continues so new construction can begin. This view is of the area where the PVTA will have offices and waiting areas.

This view, with all the old finishes removed, will be the home to the new area for interstate buses. The area will include ticketing, office and waiting areas.

Inside the main concourse, the "bones" of the building area awaiting the new finishes to bring it back to life.

This little "bug" of a demolition machine is hammering away on an old vault used by the railroad.

The old windows have been removed and temporary windows have been installed to protect the interior of the building until new construction can begin.

The sheet piling to protect the retaining wall has been completed leading the way to the new bus berths for the intercity buses.

Frozen ground was removed and stockpiled for future screening once the winter frost has melted.

Work at the new parking garage site was made impossible due to the frost so activities had to to be suspended until the weather changed.


Piles of frozen ground sit near the Arch.

These are piles of screened debris from the site of the former Hotel Charles, waiting to be removed for proper disposal.

Piles of frozen debris are scattered around the site. Once thawed, this pile will be screened and the debris removed for proper disposal.

The excavation continues at the site of the future parking garage.

The site is being leveled for future construction of the parking garage.

View of Frank B. Murray Street looking east in front of the Terminal building. This will be reconfigured for pedestrian and passenger drop-off.

This is the area that will be constructed as the new

Westerly view of Frank B. Murray Street that will be widened for bus access and will have a right and left turn capability at the end of Main Street.

View of current Amtrak loading platform.

The existing canopies at the rail siding will be upgraded. In the background is a view of the city.

The head-house is to be demolished and capped, the area to be excavated and the tunnel waterproofed.

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