August 2013 - Roof Abatement and Site Fencing

A view of a large expanse of abated roof.

View of completed abatement area below and containment area for ongoing abatement above.

Another view of the construction site fence installed trackside.

View of Fenced Site in front of Terminal Building from across Dwight Street.

View of roof area after abatement completed.

View of roof abatement staging area.

A view of an abated roof area with a temporary tie-in of a roof drain.

View of South Canopy trackside at terminal building.

A look 'through the window' into the abatement staging area

View of roof area and associated walls with roofing materials abated.

View of Frank B. Murray Street (closed between Main St. and Dwight St.) from the roof.

View trackside with completed construction fencing in the background.

Close-up view of roof after abatement completed.

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