2015 National Emergency Preparedness Month



Emergency Preparedness Month provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the important work being done to make sure our communities are safe, healthy, and ready for public health emergencies and/or disasters.

This year’s theme is: “Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.”  Often families are not with their loved ones when catastrophe strikes, so having up-to-date contact information for those you need to get in touch with during a public health emergency and/or disaster is critical.  It is also possible to collect names and addresses of your neighbors and talking to them one by one so that if something should happen you can call different neighbors and ask what can you do or how can you help.

Ask about plans at the places where family spends the most time: work, school and other places you frequent.  If none exist, consider volunteering to help develop one.  You will be better prepared to safely reunite your family and loved ones during an emergency if you think ahead, and communicate with others in advance.

Over 60 percent of Americans say preparation for natural or man-made disasters is very important to them, however, only a staggering 17 percent of Americans claim to be prepared for an emergency situation, according to a new survey commissioned by the Ad Council.

Disasters can have a major impact on the workplace, both for the people who work there, and to workplace operations.  After a disaster, workplaces cannot recover without their people and people cannot recover without a job to go back to.

Organizations can have tremendous influence on their personnel when it comes to preparing for a disaster.  When employers encourage employees to be prepared for disasters, employees are 75 percent more likely to take action.  And with more than 63 percent of the US population aged 16 or older in the labor force, the workplace is one of the most effective environments for educating and encouraging people to take steps to be ready for disasters, which includes being fully age-appropriate immunized – flu, pneumonia, HPV, MMR, etc.

“Emergencies can happen at any time,” said Helen Caulton-Harris, Springfield Health Commissioner.  “Taking a few simple steps now to prepare yourself, your family and your community makes the entire community more resilient and better  able to respond to emergency events”  All residents, Don’t Wait. CommunicateMake Your Emergency Plan Today.

Join with the Springfield Department of Health & Human Services and our partners on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 9:30AM on the Court Square Green for our Mayor’s Proclamation and events of the day.

For further information contact: 

Deputy Commissioner, Bettye Anderson Frederic

(413) 787-6716 bafrederic@springfieldcityhall.com




National Weather Services


Shelter or Rest Center

For information see flyer.


The purpose of our outreach events is to raise awareness, provide information and insight into now being prepared removes panic and move residents from contemplation regarding preparedness to action. 

For more information, please check the calendar for different events schedule.

Medical Reserve Corps Internship Opportunity

The City of springfield Department of Health and Human Services has a broad mandate to provide community medical care, health education preventive programs and environmental health services. The programs of the department are: Commuity Health Nursing; Environmental Health; Health Services for the Homeless; Maternal, Infant and Child Health; Tobacco Control; Violence Prevention; Oral Health and Pioneer Valley Area Health Education.

The City of Springfield Medical Reserve Corps is a volunteer-based program which provide residents of Springfield with training to assist and respond to public health emergencies in their local community.  Springfield's Medical Reserve Corps consists of both medical and non-medical volunteers. The city of Springfield is home to about 152,000 people.  This city is one of the most diverse in the commonwealth ethnically and linguistically. The Medical Reserve Corps also participates in local public health initiatives throughout the year such as flu clinics.

Springfield Department of Health and Human Services is looking for an intern who has interest in emergency preparedness, community engagement, strategic planning, and program evaluation to assist in further developing and sustaining Springfield Medical Reserve Corps. An intern with the City of Springfield Department of Health and Human Service will assist in emergency preparedness planning, training, and evaluation. Responsibilities will include: maintaining MRC volunteer files, email/telephone correspondence with MRC volunteers, presentations to groups about the MRC, preparing training materials, and serving as the representative for the City of Springfield on the regional MRC advisory group. 

For additional information, please contact Bettye Anderson Frederic at bafrederic@springfieldcityhall.com or (413) 787-6761.

Emergency Preparedness Instructional Videos

The Springfield Department of Health and Human Services is distributing Emergency Preparedness instructional videos for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Residents.

To view the video go to www.ready.gov For more information and or to request a copy of the video, call Bettye Anderson Frederic, Deputy Director, 787-6761 or bafrederic@springfieldcityhall.com



4th of July Celebration

During the 4th of July Celebrations, the Springfield Unit 1110 was able to collaborate with our Greater Westfield colleagues at their community fireworks.  This event gave us an opportunity to review how to actualize our plans for a First Aid Taskforce in Springfield for community-wide events.

Keith Peters
Keith Peters and Bettye Anderson Frederic
Robert Hackett and Bettye Anderson Frederic

"Individual and Family Survival"

Our experiences, as a community, over the past 18 months dictate that the Department take a vigorous role in educating our residents about "Individual and Family Survival" in disasters. To that end, our staff is available to present information, facts and tips to develop a family survival plan, create a family survival kit and know what/where resources are available. Please use us to help you prepare.

To schedule an event participation, please complete and return this form

Springfield Medical Reserve Corps Makes News...

The National Volunteer Award for 2012 was presented to Robert Klupa at the Integrated Training Summit in Nashville, TN. Klupa is a dedicated member of the Springfield Health and Human Services Medical Reserve Corps. He has spent many hours responding to the various disasters Springfield experienced in 2011.

Western MA Medical Reserve Corps featured on Connecting Point with Video

Kathleen Conley Norbut and Bob Klupa our Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer and 2012 National Award recipient  for his outstanding volunteerism during the disaster of 2011. To view the video go to http://vimeo.com/40085415


Springfield Medical Reserve Corps Honor a Winner..

The Springfield Department of Health and Human Services Medical Reserve Corps member, Robert Klupa was recently recognized by the Federal Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps. His receipt of the 2012 Outstanding MRC Responder Award is a credit to his outstanding work in the response to the June 2012 tornado, the H1N1 outbreak and other public health emergencies. In expressing his congratulations Commissioner John Auerbach of the State Department of Public Health said "sadly, you have been tested again and again by an unusual number of major emergencies. The people of Springfield and the entire state are fortunate to have such outstanding heroes as Mr. Klupa."

The MRC is a group of community volunteers who train and make themselves available to respond to public health emergencies. Helen Caulton-Harris, Director of Springfield Health and Human Services adds her "congratulations to Robert Klupa, the MRC leadership and all the MRC volunteers who respond in the city's time of crisis. Volunteers are always welcome and needed."

To learn more about MRC, please visit: http://www.springfield-ma.gov/hhs



Thank You

July 2011

They say Tornados are very rare in New England. Well welcome to a rare event! One month after our Response to the Tornado in Springfield and as we prepare for National Preparedness Month in September, the City of Springfield Department of Health and Human Services wish to thank our medical professionals, medical reserve corps volunteers, emergency preparedness planning partners and our staff for their significant and injury saving services during the initial ten days following the disaster.

Staff from our office at 95 State Street immediately went over to the MassMutual Civic Center where police officers were directing downtown and south end residents to go in the aftermath and warnings of more tornadoes expected. Our Boss Helen Caulton Harris gave the word and we immediately "camped out" at MassMutual Civic Center then on to Central High School and eventually back to MassMutual Civic Center.

Staff went among the folk at MassMutual introducing themselves and letting the residents know that we will be available and of assistance to them and for the next ten days and nights we were there for and with our residents. We deployed and scheduled our Springfield Medical Reserve Corps by email, land-line, and fax. We called Ruth Odgen at Baystate Visiting Nurse Association; other community partners; and Jan Denny from Elder Affairs was on the scene, as was Bill Miller and his staff. Dr. Andrew Balder (the City's Public Health Luminary) was in touch with his colleagues at Baystate Medical Center enlisting their aide as volunteers. Michael Nelson (Northampton MRC) informed us that he had been asked to reach out for volunteers to staff the shelter and thankfully he did just that.

Coincidentally, we were completing the last MRC core competency training for our bilingual volunteers from the Latino Chaplains as the Tornado blew through downtown State Street. They jumped right in some volunteering at the shelter and others available when needed to open "Cooling Centers" for the Elderly. It was providential in that they brought bilingual communication skills to assist many of our shelter guests.

For the next 10 days (during our watch) volunteers in and outside the city and Health Department staff were at the shelter day and night.  Additional staff continued to partner with the American Red Cross throughout the month of June until the shelter was deactivated and closed on June 30th at 5 P.M.

Immediate care was given to wounds and trauma from tornado. We provided first aid and supplies, equipment for taking temperatures, weights, blood pressure, blood glucose, pregnancy tests, infant formula, milk, supplied and gave insulin as needed. We were a source for needed wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, underwear, socks, diapers, comfort kits and in one instant a durable bed.  Services later transitioned to phase two of delivering health maintenance/prevention and infection control.  Staff set up transportation services for residents needing prescriptions and refills, specialist and laboratory appointments, trips to their medical homes for on-going care, families to the YMCA for swimming and diversion therapy.

Giving individuals "thanks" is always dicey however, we would like to try and here goes:  Ann Marie O'Keefe, RN; Halimah Fennell; James Stewart, MD; Ms. Stewart; Michele Beaudoin, RN; Barry Rodstein, MD; Glenn Alli, MD; Isabel Pellot; Martha Nathan, MD; Marisol Rivera, Mely Martinez; Ivelisse Bonafont; Kate Kelly - Amherst MRC; Ed Mello, RN;-(Wesfield MRC); Brenda Collins, FNP; Maureen Morrissey, Linda Franklin; Nellie Candelario; Tony Pettaway, Xu Tran, Christina Benjamin, MD; Kevin Loosemore, Stephanie Bozigian-Merrick, RN;-(Holyoke MRC); Ayesha Ali, RN; Erika Koske; Barbara Kirk, NP; Maryann Marshman; Gloria Wilson, RN; Samantha Peetros, Miguel Rodriguez, Steve Formica, Artis Fitch, MD; Dawn Kinney, Amiee Lewis, Kathy Ruelli, RN; Betty Kinney, RN; Peggy Bugole, RN; Cassie Witek, Denise Cox, June Drexler, Marie E. Sanchez, Ann Becker, RN-(UMass MRC); Marc Tremblay, Sister Julie Crane, RN; Megan Bagby, Ruben Santiago, Megan Dolan, Brendon Kelly, MD; Barbara Coughlin, RN; Michael Germain, MD; Katie O'Meara, RN; Dennis Soloe; Don Snyder; Linda Barrett; Roberk Klupa; Ronny Sanchez, Tom Grimsly; Dr. Armstrong; Dr. Piel; Melissa Novak, PA; Nick Karapasas, DC; Juan Torres-Calafell; Sandra Johnson, RN; Terry Cook; Steven Samuels, MD; Della D'Antonio, David Miller, MD; Beth Van Ness; Gail Labelle; Susan Harp, MD; Siobhan McNally.

Our community is indebted to you and stronger because of you. THANK YOU.

Bettye Anderson-Frederic, Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator

Non-medical and Medical Volunteers needed by the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

The City of Springfield Health and Human Services MRC is seeking non-medical and medical volunteers to join the Medical Reserve Corp. MRC volunteers are trained to assist public health officials and respond to community emergencies or disasters. Volunteers of the Medical Reserve Corp will also participate in health related events such as health fairs, flu clinics, and others. Springfield's Medical Reserve Corp needs to be diverse both culturally and linguistically, to assist all residents of Springfield. For more information about Medical Reserve Corp visit www.wmmrc.org or call Bettye Anderson Frederic at (413) 787-6761; 95 State Street, Suite 201; Springfield, MA 01103 or via email bafrederic@springfieldcityhall.com

To become a MRC volunteer, download the form here.


Medical Reserve Volunteers

Erin Glikes, American International College and Robert Klupa receiving their Badge and Certification Volunteers.

Springfield MRC Preparing for shelter guests after our latest disater

New Medical Reserve Corps Volunteers

From left to right, front row are Bettye Anderson-Frederic, Miguel Rodriguez, July Madeline Otero, Awilda E. Galarez and Elsie Sanchez, left to right, back row is Rafael Rosado, Ivelisse Bonafont, Ronny R. Sanchez, and Juan V. Torres.

New Medical Reserve Corps Volunteers successfully completed their core competency training and was welcomed into the cadre with a badging and certification ceremony.

Thank you all MRC Volunteers new and old who continue to answe the call when public heatlh emergencies occur.

The community is indebted to you for your constancy and invaluable service to your neighbors.

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